Macee's "Little Helper"

A Brand New Way to Study!!

Do you understand these words and their definitions?

Here are the words with their definitions. Personification-having human like qualities. Simile-comparison using "like or as" Metaphor-comparison NOT using "like or as" Hyperbole-an exaggeration of the truth. Theme-is the Aurthor's Message+the Main Idea.

Let's tak about Litterary Non-Fiction.

A=Literary non-fiction is different from non-fiction because ............ Literary non-fiction talks about someone's life story. Non-fiction talks about facts. B=The differences between the types of Literary non-fiction are some are written about a person and that person wrote that story. Some are written about someone but that didn't write the story themselves.

Here are our Plot Elements of fiction.

We have our Cause,Conflict,Rising Action,Climax,Setting,Characters,Falling Action, Resolution,and Theme. These are important because they tell you the time,major characters,and what and why there is a problem,and lastly to help you see the most exciting and interesting parts.

What do YOU know about the tools of Reading???

Like inference-making a guess about the future of your book.You infer things by making a guess off of what you have read.It is important because it will keep the reader interested in your story. The three types of connections are text-text,text-self,text-world. It is important to have connections because the reader can make a connection and be happy for getting your book.