Cummington Connect Updates!

Week of May 26, 2020

May 29, 2020

Dear Cummington Residents,

We have seen so much progress in the infrastructure build over the last month. The crews from TriWire have finished putting up all the strand, and as of the end of last week, 65% of the fiber cable and MSTs have been hung. The crews are trying to get FSA 03 ready for testing, and have actually started some testing this week. Overall about 40% of the splices for the whole network are complete.

The hub is outfitted, all the panels are in. We are waiting on MBI to move the middle mile fibers at the Berkshire Trail building. That is scheduled for June 22-26.

What's next? As we said last time, each of the 4 FSAs (Fiber Service Areas) must be tested before it is released for installations. This is a complex process, which takes several weeks for each area, and is iterated as each FSA is completed. Each and every port has to be tested bilaterally to be sure that it all works as well as unilaterally testing all of the spare fibers, before the customer service reps can start making appointments for installations. Although we don't want to promise dates, our expectation is that this first section, FSA 03, will be "released" for OPM testing by June 8th. OPM or Optical performance monitoring is used to measure critical information data on optical transmission signals so as to optimize operational performance. When that is complete, the customer service folks at WCF can start calling you to set up appointments for installations, toward the end of June.

What about underground connections? When is that happening? We had hoped to be able to give you real dates, but can approximate- mid-June. The crew that will be doing that is over in Ashfield at the moment. This is a multi step process as well. You will get a phone call from WCF to set up an appointment about a week before. They will come out and go over where the conduit needs to go, or check the existing conduit. They will contact dig-safe. Then the crew will schedule the conduit work.

We post where the crews will be every day on the main page of the town website under Recent News, as well as on both Facebook and Twitter.

Just a heads-up they are going to be working weekends as well now. There will be 2 splicers working on testing in various locations throughout FSA03 on this Sunday 5.31.20

Update on Hot Spot

  • When? NEW HOURS: The port will soon be available for use from 6 am- 11 pm Daily. Please be considerate of the neighbors.

  • Where? The new increased broadband port has been installed in the Cummington Community House.

  • How? The Cummington covid taskforce has a list of rules for all to follow. They are linked here.

*This temporary program will be re-evaluated when the state-wide Covid-19 response efforts have ceased or after 5 months (whichever occurs first).

Broadband Signups

The figures in the chart below move around a bit, but are basically the same. Please remember that you can still make changes, eg. switch from a cold drop to a service drop. Just go back to the WCF sign up page and put in your changes, call WCF customer service ,1-413-485-1251, or email the MLP committee and we can help you out.
Big picture
Big picture

Progress Tracking

This is just a gif of the progress tracker for FSA03 The colors correspond to various stages of construction from make-ready, to fiber placement, splicing and testing. If it's blinking, it is in progress. The map is updated constantly and shows us where we are in the project.
project tracker FSA 03
Cummington Connect 5.29.20

Cummington MLP

Allan Douglas, MLP Manager

Maureen Tumenas

Scott Keith

Brenda Arbib

Mike Perkins

Having trouble? Who do you call?

Once things are up and running... If your internet is down- call Whip City 413-485-1204

If your power is out- call Eversource: 800-592-2000

If your landline is out- call Verizon: 1-800-922-0204