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What is Volleyball?

The game of volleyball was originally called "mintonette." Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Volleyball is played indoors and outdoors too. Two teams of six on either side hit the ball back and forth which is also called rally. The players only use there hands and arms to hit the ball. The players can't hold,catch,or carry the ball. The object of the game is to hit the ball over the net on to the others team's side of the floor. If that happen's a point may be scored.

Order of the Court

The volleyball court is divided into two sides by a high net. One team of six is played on each side. The teams switch by the end of each game. The court is marked with boundaries called sidelines and end lines. The area out of these boundaries is called free zone. If the ball lands in the free zone is called out-of-bounds.
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The Essentials

The game of volleyball requires a few pieces of equipment.

How to Score A Point

One team serves, or hits the ball to begin the rally. In most leagues, only the team that has service can score points. It is awarded a point if it wins the rally. When the receiving team wins the rally, it is awarded a side-out, which means it gets to serve the ball and has a chance to score.
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