The Moon

by;Logan Robertson

background and about the moon

  • The moon waxes and wanes.
  • Light reflects off of the moon.
  • The moon has different phases.
  • The moon is about 384,000 away from earth.
  • The moon rotates around its axis.
  • the moon has a rocky surface.
  • If earth was gone the moon would rotate around the sun.
  • Did you know there's a man in the moon?
  • And there's a woman and a hare in the moon
  • The first person to go to the moon was Neil Armstrong
  • There's craters and mountains on the moon

moon phases and other names

  • There's a new moon
  • And then there will be a Cresent moon
  • Also there's a half moon
  • And a full moon
  • And there's a gibbous moon
  • There's a third quarter
  • A first quarter
  • And a second quarter

the colers of the moon

  • There's a blue moon
  • And a pink moon
  • Also a purple moon