November in the Library

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Book Fair November 10th - 22nd

We will have a preview of the fair the morning of November 10th - there will be prizes and food. We will also be open during conferences.

I will be doing a before school event for parents on November 14th - there will be coffee and donuts.

We will be open during conferences on November 21st as well.

There is an online fair that coincides with the physical fair. I will send out more info when it is live which is November 5th - 25th.

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Big 6

I do not want to have to close the book fair very often so I will be trying to book our Big 6 lessons before and after the fair. I will be contacting you shortly about times or you can come see me to set it up.

November is Information Seeking Strategies Month. We will look at all possible sources and determining the best source.

Here are the thoughts I have for different grades but I am open to whatever fits your current plans.

1st - We will probably talk about Thanksgiving and maybe tie it in to a Breakout.

2nd - We will look at different sources of information on the echidna.

3rd - We will look at different sources about biomes.

4th - We will look at the different sources available for the American Revolution and talk about what sites are reliable - Google, .org, .com, .gov, etc

5th - We will be looking at sources for either Westward Expansion or topic of your choice and will talk about what sites are reliable - Google, .org, .com, .gov, etc

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Voting on PebbleGo

Students will be able to vote via PebbleGo. Vote at this site Our school is registered and our code is ME1456. There will be bookmarks in your boxes if you want to copy and use them.
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If you are interested in tying in a Breakout to your content area please let me know. I can probably find or create something.

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