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Designer signs MEA mural

Here's a little MEA history for the start of 2018! Back in 2011 our school held a contest for students, looking for concepts to create a Mt. Everest Academy mural. The winner of the mural contest was Jacob B., who at that time was in 5th grade.

Jacob left MEA for grades 6-10, but this year he's returned to our school as an 11th grader. Although several years have passed, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to commemorate Jacob's design by asking for his signature. The mural is a wonderful reflection of MEA being a place where students can "climb to the heights," working together and individually towards success.

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The Geometry of Snowflakes

Mrs. Hughes (Principal Browne's mother) taught students how to make snowflakes. Students also learned about the science and math behind snowflakes.

If you missed making snowflakes, it's not too late! Come to the Maker Space and enjoy some winter! Make some snowflakes and we can decorate the whole school! Find some neat patterns gifted to us by Principal Browne's mother, or free form and make your own! Snowflakes are unique just like all of us! Why should the east coast residents be the only ones who have feet of snow ? :)

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Who's behind the snowflake?

Scroll down to the bottom for the answer


Les Miserables

Friday, January 12 / 10:00am

Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center


We still have several spots available for only $8 per person, students or adults.

Everyone is welcome! Please sign up and pay in the school office by this Friday, January 5th!

Come experience the epic musical "Les Miserables" performed by the JCompany Youth Theatre! And to make the show even better, one of our very own MEA students, Brendan D., is playing the role of Enjolras, the leader of the revolution.

  • You must provide transportation to and from the event.
  • Students are invited to be dropped off and left under Mrs. Finney’s supervision.
  • Parents are asked to pick their child up promptly after the performance.
  • Due to the mature nature of this play, young children are not recommended.


Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center

4126 Executive Drive , La Jolla, CA 92037

(UTC/La Jolla's Golden Triangle)

"A Midsummers Night's Dream"


GRADES 2-12: Visit the MEA Theatre Company website, https://meatco.weebly.com to sign up for an audition slot and/or apply to work backstage for A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Audition Dates:

Tuesday, Jan 9th from 12-2pm / Auditorium

Wednesday, Jan 10th from 1:30-3:30pm / Auditorium

Backstage Crew Application Due by:

Thursday Jan 11th at 8pm

For more information on auditions or the backstage crew application and tips on how to prepare for auditions, visit https://meatco.weebly.com


Thursday, January 11 / 12:00-2:00 / Auditorium

To students that auditioned for A Midsummer Night's Dream:

Call Backs are by invitation only. You will receive an email to see if you have been selected to attend these Call Backs. If you are not called back this does not mean you are not being considered for the cast, it simply means the show director doesn’t require you to attend Call Backs. Be sure to check for the Cast List, which will be emailed out to everyone who auditioned by the end of the day on January 14th. If you are not cast, please check the email for other ways to participate in the production.

Call Back & Production link


Email MEA Alumna and MEA Theatre Co. Founding Director, Adira Rosen at adirajenny18@gmail.com


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Braille Institute Tour

Friday, January 12 / 1:00 pm

4555 Executive Drive, San Diego

Just a reminder to families that signed up for the Braille Institute field trip next Friday at 1pm. (This event currently is not on the MEA website calendar, due to SDUSD website problems.) Please try to be early so we can start on time. This field trip is now closed to RSVPs due to a request by the Braille Institute.

************* ANNOUNCEMENTS *************

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MEA Ducks!

If you are interested in adopting a duckling or two, please contact Vivian Sink, vsink@sandi.net by Thursday, January 11 so we can order the eggs.

As part of our whole school science program, we would like to hatch 6 Pekin duck eggs in the library during the months of January and February. However, we will need some families committed to adopting the ducklings and keeping them after they are hatched. They will need to stay here with us for one week after hatching, so they will be ready for families probably mid to late February.

Website Problems

All of San Diego Unified schools are having website problems, and no updates or changes can be made. The information that you see on the MEA website is current as of December 7, 2017. Updates in our school information since December 7 are not reflected on our website, so please pay extra close attention to the email messages we send out! Thank you for your attention to this.

The district is continuing to work on the problem and hopes to have it resolved soon.

Makerspace: December Engineer of the Month!

Congratulations to Devan, December's Makerspace Engineer of the Month! His most eggselent tower was the tallest to hold an egg aloft using only a limited number of pasta sticks and marshmallows. A true engineering feat! Make sure to visit the makerspace in January to compete in our next Engineering Challenge!!!

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Letter from Canyon Villas

Here's a thank you letter from Canyon Villas Retirement Home for receiving the handmade holiday cards our students made.

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More gifts for Canyon Villas

The Makerspace has supplies out to make Valentines Day Cards for our senior friends at Canyon Villas. There will also be a craft out to make for the seniors and others starting next week. Brighten someone's day by spending a few minutes enjoying being creative! Our trip date to visit the Canyon Villas will be announced shortly!

"Grab-N-Go" Lunches

Mt. Everest Academy has lunches available in the office three days a week, Tuesday through Thursday. If your child would like a lunch, please sign up in the morning. Lunches are available beginning at 11:00 am and cost $2.25 or are free to students who qualify on the free/reduced lunch application. Apply online for free/reduced lunches.

No nuts, please!

Due to students with severe allergies, we are asking that students no longer bring foods with nuts or nut products to school. We thank you for complying with this!

********** extracurricular activities ***********

Please find the most up-to-date schedule here. This schedule is a work in-progress; we will continue to add to and fine-tune the schedule as needed.

If you are interested in offering an extracurricular class or workshop, please contact Principal Browne at cbrowne@sandi.net. All required district volunteer paperwork must be submitted in order to lead a class.

Crafting in the Makerspace

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******************* LIBRARY *******************

January Library Challenge

The first Library Challenge of 2018 is a crossword puzzle! Click here for the puzzle, or pick one up in the library. Turn your completed form into the library by 12:30 Thursday, January 18 to receive a prize!

January: Did You Know...?

Did you know that gold was discovered in California on January 24, 1848 at Sutter's Mill?

Come to the library to learn more!

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Bring your December reading logs to the library to get a free pizza certificate and pick up January forms.

Library BookIt! webpage


Adam S. is behind the snowflake!


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