Which colony would you go?

New England, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies

The Simalarities

The Similarities of the three colonies are they all trade. Another one is they use water for transportation. The last one is all colonies are along the Atlantic Ocean. The differences are the Southern colonies has flat land and New England has not flat land more like bumpy. The last Difference is New England is the coldest compared to the Middle colonies and the Southern colonies. Those are the similarities and the differences.

New England [Pilgrims]

The Pilgrims lived in New England, the reason they went to New England is to be wealthy and they wanted a religious life. They made fair laws and had Christianity based on the bible. But, they suffered because it was really cold outside, hungry, and a disease happened.


More about the Colonies

Southern Colonies [Jamestown]

The reason why they went was because James I became interested in setting up an English colony. The English was trying to hide from Spanish. The water died from drinking water that was not good. Diseases from insects. The Powhatans attacked who were Native Americans.