Spoonbridge and Cherry

Minneapolis, Minnesota

SpoonBridge and cherry

The sculpture was commissioned by the Walker Art Center in February 1985. It was made by Clause Oldenburg. It was installed in 1988 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And I do not know how long it took to install it. It just to that long to do it.

Artist Statement

That it energizes the subject and it makes a beautiful scenery. Clause had thought of this by a wooden cherry with a stem shaped nail on a spoon. He thought it would be cool to have it there so people could admire it. Also people ice skated around it in the winter. No challenges were brought upon this project. : )

My Opinion

I think it is a unique sculpture. He did not use ordinary things or a simple thought. He seen something original, a spoon on a cherry. He then had made that into a sculpture. That is what I like about this sculpture is that is not something to fancy or something to dull or simple. Over all I think it is awesome.