Ervin Express Week of 6/1/15

Last Week of School!

Principal's Message

Your life is a sacred Journey. You are on the path! ~Caroline Adams

I am simply amazed that out of 7. 3 Billion people in the world, all of our lives crossed at J. N. Ervin Elementary School for the 2014-2015 school year!

Thank you for a wonderful school year filled with laughs, cries, talks, attitudes, and a plethora of questions from me :-). It is because of each and everyone of you that I've grown as a leader and pushed myself to work out of my comfort zones.

You all have unique talents and gifts that I've learned from and I thank you for sharing them with me. I wish the best for each of you and I thank you for being a part of my journey!

Always J. N. Ervin Proud!

T. P. Barnett

This Week's Expectations

We are still in school! Thank you for teaching and conducting business as usual this week (LOs, DOLs, Student Engagement, Actively Monitoring, etc.,.).

We still have students who are not reading on grade level and students who can be challenged and preparing for the next grade level. We also have spot observations that must be completed by June 4th.

Thank you for continuing with your same structure, expectations, and intense instructional focus to keep the students engaged all week!

Gentlemen - please help assist in the mornings and after school on duty posts.

TEI Sample

Are you curious as to how your Summative Evaluation will affect your overall TEI Rating? Maybe this TEI Sample will help you.

If not, feel free to visit the TEI website for more information.

News to Use for You!

Reading Trainings offered by DISD and Region 10. Thank you to Ms. Edwards for compiling one list.

For those who are returning, we are having the Literacy Lab this year at Wilmer-Hutchins Elementary School. Please click on the link to sign up by this Friday.

Week of June 1st - June 8th

Monday, June 1st:

  • Awards: 3rd & 4th
  • Courtyard Dedication 1:00PM

Tuesday, June 2nd:

  • Awards: Pre-K & 5th

Wednesday, June 3rd:

  • Awards: Kindergarten
  • Locker Clean-Out @ 2:20PM

Thursday, June 4th: Jeans & Gym Shoes

  • D&B Celebration

Friday, June 5th: Jeans & Gym Shoes

  • Last Day of School

Saturday, June 6th & Monday, June 8th

  • Teacher's Last Day

Tuesday, June 9th:

SSI Program Starts (5th Graders Only)

Checkout List

You will receive a hard copy of the School Closing Checklist in your mailbox no later than Tuesday morning. Feel free to peruse the list to ensure you have all of the items requested.

Spring ACP Scores are In!

Spring ACP Scores: Click on the link to see the Percentage of our students who passed in each grade level.

Our 3 Priority Goals

Culture & Climate

Quality of Instruction

Student Achievement


J. N. Ervin Elementary School

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