Let's stop smoking!


The average smoker wastes more than $1,000 a year on cigarettes. Some of the money goes to the government and some of the money goes to cigarette companies.

Diseases From A Cigarette

Smoking can bring harmful diseases to your body. It can cause diseases such as cancer, asthma, heart attacks, stroke, blood clot, cavities, pneumonia and lung disease.

Inside Cigarettes

Some people don't know what they're smoking. Let's take a look inside a cigarette. There are over 4,000 dangerous chemicals inside a cigarette. A few examples of chemicals include nicotine, carbon monoxide, toluene, urea, acetone, hydrazine, cyanide, tar and formaldehyde.

Where It's Found

We'll tell you where these chemicals are found. Nicotine is found in bug spray. Carbon monoxide is found in car fumes. Toluene is found in gasoline. Urea is only found in cigarettes. Acetone is found in nail polish remover. Hydrazine is found in rocket fuel. Cyanide is found in rat poison. Tar is found in roads and formaldehyde is found in dead bodies. All of these dangerous chemicals can kill you if you smoke a cigarette.
The Deadly Ingredients of a Cigarette

Different Things We Can Smoke.

There are more things we can smoke, we'll tell you some.



3.Electrical Cigarettes


5.Hooka Lamp.

None of these objects are worst or better than a cigarette.

Why You Shouldn't Smoke Near Children

If you smoke near a child and the child breathes in the smoke, that is called second hand smoking. If you smoke near a child a lot, they might get addicted when they grow up and start to smoke.


In conclusion, you should NEVER smoke because you can get diseases, harm the environment and harm children. Quit smoking!