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The people of mali

Mali began as a small state located in Ghana. Over time Mali gained power. Their homes were little domes with grass roofs in clans. In cities, people lived in rectangular shaped house made of mud bricks. The roofs were made of wood. they wore baggy cotton garments in clans draped on them.In the city they wear shirts with baggy pants. A lot of people were farmers, but most people in cities were writers, teachers, or in the government. People who were in the career of craftsmanship made things such as clothes,pottery,jewelry,and tools. kids were important in Mali. Moms raised their kids until they were 12. Boys then started learning from their uncles. Girls married when they were young and raised there own family.

mansa musa

Mali's most famous ruler was Mansa Musa. King Musa reigned for 25 years. Musa went on a religious walk called a pilgrimage. People say that he took 60,00 people. Musa was very kind he gave so much gold away he had to borrow some for the trip back . On his pilgrimage he brought back writers, teachers, scientists, and builders from other places. They helped build mosques, which are places of worship.

Where Did Mali Go?

When Musa died in 1337. His son became ruler. He was not a good ruler and enemies took over. Mali shrunk and lost power and never got as strong again.
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