Do They Really Cause lung Cancer?


For decades people have known that smoking cigarettes can kill you but they just can't quiet put their finger on it..... How can smoking cigarettes kill you? Some people say that smoking can cause lung cancer...or can it??

What Is Being Said

First things first, some people say that when they smoke it brings them a relaxing feeling or that it makes them feel happy inside after a long day. But really what's keeping them attached is one of the things they put into cigarettes.... Nicotine, a substance used to keep the smoker addicted. But on the other hand Dr. James B. Siepmann says that smoking is not the leading cause to lung cancer in fact you can develop lung cancer by not even touching a cigarette in your life. You can develop lung cancer by either inhaling any amount of smoke or you can develop it just naturally.

Facts About The Addiction

In 1880 American inventor James A. Bonsack made the first mechanical cigarette making device. Later in 16th century Seville created the first cigarettes and called them Cigarillos. From then cigarettes were used in a lot of wars.Also many people who are trying to get people to stop smoking can't find away to get them to re-think their decision on smoking besides "Oh it can kill you." But what they don't know is how it can kill you.

Did You Know This Information?

The Ancient Aztecs would smoke tobacco through red wood pipes. Did you know that there are over 70 cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes. They use a substance called nicotine to keep the smoker addicted. They used the cigarillos in a lot of the wars like the Napoleonic War. The massive production of cigarettes is becoming a common pleasure throughout our Earth.