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Hilda Kennedy - President of AmPac, an SBA approved Community Development Corporation, and Founder of the Faith-Based Small Business Summit

Sylvia Global meets in California with Hilda Kennedy, President of Ampac Tri-City, a faith-base community development corporation approving loans for the SBA money! Discussion answers tough questions, business dilemmas, and successfully securing money from the SBA: The 5 Cs: Credit/Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions.

Tuaca Kelly – Love The Messenger

"I am courage. I am unconditional love. I am me, completely. I am present ready to welcome you home. I am light. I am source. I am your memory reminding the courageous and meek that they too are source.”

Tuaca Kelly is born to inspire! She’s a divinely guided, gifted and innovative professional that began developing her natural abilities of intuitive perception and sacred healing touch in early childhood. Dedicated to assisting others in realizing their full dynamic potential, and to assume the joy of responsibility, Tuaca has served thousands. Her practical, personable and integrative style reflects the intricate multidimensional aspects of all life. As a master healer and teacher, Tuaca is intrinsically connected with the sacred fields of creation that inform the natural, musical and mathematical patterns that engender life itself. Tuaca, while honoring the free will and journey of the soul, has the capacity to clear, restructure and align the divine blueprint. Her XD transmissions communicate to each person’s multidimensional body giving it instructions to self-correct, heal, evolve and be free – as well as connect to their own potential. Tuaca is the Developer of The Alignment and Founder of Alepha Temple.

Tasha White – Devoted Moms – Coffee Break

Sylvia Global present’s Devoted Mom’s hostesses Tasha and Regina. Devoted Mom’s now have a media platform devoted to engaging conversations where mothers can be supportive of one another. Devoted Mom’s is especially designed for mothers who choose to devote themselves full-time to the ministry of being a mother, community participant and an example of pride in choosing home over full-time employment outside the home. As a Devoted Mom, you may choose to be an advocate, self-employed, home school and more. You combine your motherly passions with the work in and outside of your home. Take a coffee break and share with other who are Devoted Moms.