Communication Chronicle 12-18-15


Weekly Bulletin

This is going to be the format of the weekly bulletin that will be emailed each Friday afternoon to staff. The goal of this bulletin is to keep all of us on the same page with expectations, concerns, announcements, and events. We want to thank you for expressing your concerns at our meeting on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 and want to ensure we are keeping you "in the loop" with current information. It is imperative that we all work together in order to have and offer an exceptional program whereby school districts and parents send their children to be educated with evidence based approaches.

Teacher Tips!

  1. Try using the Kahoot It! website as a resource to check for understanding of your lessons. You can develop your own quizzes for FREE! It is an awesome teaching tool! Try it! You can have students take turns coming up to your SmartBoard, or use it in the Computer Lab as a group, or using the laptop cart.
  2. Check out the website Lots of FREE file folder games for all levels.
  3. Look at It has FREE clip art pictures for your lessons, social stories, and visual supports.

Crisis Room and Time Out Procedures

There are universal protocols for the time out room and the crisis area. These procedures were designed last year and part of BCSSSD policy to protect you and the students. The policy will be distributed in the near future for you to review. Thank you!

Kids Corner!

The students at BCSSSD always make us smile and how can you forget the wonderful personalities you encounter each day! I know we all have many examples of how our lives are enriched by working here and how we learn more from the students than they can ever learn from us.

Quote of the Week

" Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence." author unkown

Other Items

  1. Alternative Proficiency Assessments (APA) for Science are in the final collection period (December 7- February 13). Teachers with students taking the APA need to be collecting final pieces of evidence. Checks on evidence will occur in the middle of January. It is expected that at least the first two final pieces of evidence are completed. Thank you!
  2. Reminder: Students walking in the hallway independently (not during changing of classes), but during classes students MUST have a hall pass indicating where they are going and the time.
  3. Check out this website on Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) It’s really informative and gives proactive and reactive strategies for ALL populations we serve as well as data collection methods.
  4. Lesson Plans Reminder: All lessons are due on Thursdays by the end of the day for the upcoming week. Remember to have Sub lesson plans available in your classroom. It is important to state the objective clearly and in measurable observable terms i.e. Students will be able to ___ with 80% accuracy- or with 80% accuracy using a partial physical prompt; include how differentiation of instruction will occur and state the specific activities that will occur under the heading of Activities.

We wish up you a safe and happy Holiday break!!

December Birthday's!!

  • Adrienne Arena 12-26
  • Lorraine Arther 12-20
  • Cynthia Atkins 12-13
  • Margaret Balderman 12-10
  • Jill Bennett 12-7
  • Marie Boyle 12-8
  • Sandra Brock 12-2
  • Scott Caffrey 12-2
  • William Clark 12-13
  • Michelle Flood 12-15
  • Jaime Forvour 12-21
  • Sarah Giorla 12-6
  • Maureen Graven-Eells 12-21
  • Joan Dennis 12-25
  • Sara Kleinkaufman 12-24
  • Laura Maldonado 12-4
  • Kierra Griffen 12-7
  • April Jamison 12-29
  • Paul Jones 12-8
  • Linda McKinney-Dewson 12-24
  • Michael Patriarcha 12-31
  • Sharon Ray 12-2
  • Patricia Rolling 12-12
  • Karen Rooney 12-24
  • Emily Turner 12-20
  • Linda Widhson 12-22