War To Stop Drugs

To keep them at bay from East Texas!!!!!


How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South America drugs from entering East

This is the problem that we had the border is to small and they have access to air craft.This is how he decied to fix it.


Past plans

They have put more border control on duty and trained guard dogs to find hidden drugs. For 18 wheelers they have drive-on scales just in case they are smuggling drugs. None have which caused a major impact on smuggling drugs to East Texas.

-Deni Grace


We though that we could get more. Security by making a bigger border and having more people on duty. We could also have air planes stop there as well as cars and trucks. We can have walls the height of half a mile, so they can catapult drugs over the wall. Planes should be flown by trained and trusted employees,also have monitors on the inside of the planes to see the cargo in plane in case drugs are being attempted to be smuggled.



We have a major problem with drugs coming in from South America. We had to come up with a plan to stop it,so we came up with a pretty good plan. Me and my team mates [Deni , Justin ,Tee, and Gabby] have learned a lot in the past few weeks.]