7th Grade Registration

Athens Middle School

Transitions and Changes

Welcome to Athens Middle School! The registration process for 7th grade began last week with visits to all four elementary schools to meet with the 6th grade students. The transition to AMS happens in several stages, which are actually planned experiences, to assist students in managing the many changes associated with this transition.

1. Introductions, course planning, familiar faces

Staff and administrators from AMS visit each elementary school. Information is given to students about course offerings, the daily schedule, and available clubs and sports. There is a parent meeting to cover the same material.

2. Tour of AMS

The 6th graders take a field trip to AMS for a tour in May. This visit includes several activities, a guided tour, and time for questions and answers with our current 7th grade students. The 6th graders will eat lunch in the cafeteria.

3. Middle School Orientation

There will be an orientation in August, typically the week before school starts, for parents and students. Students will receive their schedules and locker information so that they are able to walk through the building and find their classrooms, make sure their locker works, and make necessary changes to their schedules before school starts.

4. Open House

We invite parents and students to the open house before school starts so that students can walk through the schedule again, bring in school supplies for their lockers, and meet the teachers.

5. Back to School Dance

We always have a dance to welcome students back to AMS! The back to school dance typically takes place before school starts, however, there have been years when the dance is at the end of the first week. The middle school dances are ALWAYS fun, laid back, and this dance provides an opportunity for students to start to meet new classmates, and see old friends.

6th Grade Parent Meeting

Monday, Feb. 26th, 6pm

Athens Middle School Auditorium

On Monday, February 26, an informational meeting for parents will be held at 6:00 pm in the Athens Middle School auditorium. The registration process will be discussed, along with information about middle school procedures. If you cannot attend, you will find information about the meeting on the AMS School Counselor's website: http://www.athenscsd.org/2/Department/74

If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of us directly by calling 740-593-7107 or by email.

Thank you,

Kara Bolin, Principal


Emily Rittenhouse, School Counselor



There may be changes for next year, which will be communicated to parents and students in August at the back to school orientation. The current daily schedule is as follows:

The doors open at 7:30; school starts at 7:45

7:30-7:55 -- AM Advisory; Students can eat breakfast in the cafeteria when they arrive

7:58-8:43 -- Period 1

8:46-9:31 -- Period 2

9:35-10:20 -- Period 3

10:23-11:08 -- Period 4

11:11-11:41 -- Period 5 (7th Grade Lunch)

11:44-12:29 -- Period 6

12:33-1:18 -- Period 7

1:21-2:06 -- Period 8

2:10-2:35 -- PM Advisory

The 7th grade schedule consists of the following courses:

  • English Language Arts - ELA 7 or Advanced ELA 7 (ELA classes are double-blocked; they meet for two class periods in a row)
  • Math - Math 7 or Advanced Math 7
  • Science 7
  • Social Studies 7
  • World Language (Optional) - Intro to French; Intro to Spanish (along with a single-period of Advanced ELA 7)
  • Semester of Art
  • Semester of PE
  • Music Choice - Chorus 7, Guitar 1, or Band 7 (Band is a year-long music selection)
  • Family and Consumer Science 7 (Students that choose Band will not have FACS 7)

8th Grade Trip to Washington DC

To: Parents and guardians of Sixth Grade Students

From: Susan Matters, Washington, DC Trip Coordinator

Re: Eighth Grade Trip to Washington, DC

My name is Mrs. Matters. This is my first year as coordinator of the annual Washington, DC trip at Athens Middle School. I am excited to be part of this long standing worthwhile tradition at Athens Middle School. Each May, the majority of Athens Middle School eighth grade students travel by bus to the Washington, DC area. In May of 2018, our trip will include Arlington National Cemetery, National Cathedral, the Memorials, the Smithsonian Mall, Mount Vernon, and much more! We are working with the tour company Martin School Travel out of Lexington, KY. The company has been wonderful to work with!

Teachers and veteran chaperones will supervise the students. Their familiarity with the trip makes it an enjoyable, well-organized, and safe experience for the students. Each chaperone is responsible for two groups, or about eight students.

The final cost of the trip cannot be determined until the itinerary has been completed and the number of students participating has been solidified. Therefore, it is imperative that students make reservations early in the school year. A $100 deposit reserves a spot for your child to attend the trip. This year the cost of the trip is $489.00. This amount covers: two night lodging, chartered buses, chaperones, meals except lunch on the first day (packed lunch), and all admissions to events. I believe your child’s trip would be around that amount but may vary based on numbers. There will be fundraising opportunities for eighth grade students starting in 7th grade. The information is being given so that you may begin thinking about what is to come as your child progresses into Athens Middle School next year.

The Washington, DC trip has been a staple to the students at the Athens Middle School. Students in grade eight have been traveling there for more than 25 years each spring. I look forward to a wonderful trip when your child is in 8th grade.

You may email me with questions or concerns at smatters@athenscsd.org. You may also reach me at AMS, 740-593-7107.