Hardworking ants

By Jack Hess


Do you ever get frustrated with your work because you feel that it is too hard? That is nothing compared to what ants do. Their daily work is equivalent to a human carrying a 30-pound rock 36.2 miles without any breaks. Trust me, they work much harder than us!

Ants Work Hard

The average hours for a human job is about eight hours per day. The ants work 19 hours per day, more than twice the hours we work with no days off! I wouldn't take that job, taking into account that the world's ants dig up 16 billion pounds of dirt per year with food and shelter as their pay! They are also very strong. The can lift 10 times their body weight! I wish that I was that strong! Even though they work harder and longer than us, they are frequently compared to us because they can work together to solve any problem they may face. You would think that after all this work, they would sleep for a long day. This is not true. The take about 250 naps per day, but they are short;so they only get about 5 hours of sleep per day.
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Ant's jobs

Every ant works very hard, but they contribute in different ways. The queen tender helps the queen deliver her eggs. The nurse ant licks larvae so that they do not dry out. When a young ant leaves the nest for the first time, they are stationed as a guard. The guard keeps strange ants from entering. The tunnel diggers dig tunnels for ants to live and work for in. The foragers, usually the eldest ants, search for food.

The Ant's Food

The forager ants work very hard to find food. They make what you call grass root highways to their food sources. They find leaves and put them into a chamber where they process it and turn it into fungus, which they eat. I'm happy I don't have to eat that!
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As you can see, ants work very hard. So next time you feel overwhelmed with work, think about what the ants go through!