By Zoey Hawks


The purpose of Walmart is to meet the needs and wants of people by making products and services cheep and convenient for people in the community. They do this by importing goods from other countries and its convenient for people because everything is in one store.


The motive for Walmart is to increase competition in the marketplace. Walmart is the worlds largest company by revenue and one of the most valuable by market value. Another motive is to provide jobs for people. Walmart has created jobs for over 2.2 million employees.


Accounting is the recording and reporting of all financial activity such as bills, collecting money, and taxes.


Management manages business, makes sure organization meets goals, and effectively works with people.


Marketing makes sure that the products and services meet needs and wants of consumers, are in charge of product price, placement, and sales and promotions.

Information Technology

Information technology uses technology to share knowledge , facts, and data. It covers e-mails, software applications, processing systems, and hardware.


Operations are all of the paperwork to complete transactions, found in service and manufacturing sectors. kind of going along with accounting and recording the transactions.

Human Resources

Human Resources are what manages the people and helps workers develop skills. They also do the hiring and firing of the employees and manages employee benefits. They also help employees pursue education opportunities.