Beth Over the Years

since facebook failed to keep you updated


I have three super cute nieces, Zoe, Sadie & Madeline Mae, they are the apple of my eye. Zoe just turned 5 yesterday. She informed me that she has grown over night because that is what five year olds do these days. Miss Sadie will turn three on May 8th, she has a very dry sense of humor and Auntie Beth will have wonderful time watching her sister handle this one as a mom. Then there is Madeline, still to young to cause real trouble but based on her yelling skills to get Auntie Beth's attention she will have no problem keeping up with her sisters. Miss Madie will turn 1 on May 3rd (oh yes and if you see a pattern to the birthdays it is only because my sister enjoyed having the summer off and she is that organized). The rest of the family is good although the only important ones to pay attention are under 3 feet tall.


Travel the world and the seven seas

The joys of being single with no kids or a mortgage is I get to travel. Sailing in Spain, pulling up to port in Morocco and seeing glaciers in Iceland. I have been lucky to get a lot of travel in with more planned in the near future.

I have also had the pleasure to see lots of York friends too! Your former housemate, Claire, visited Boston last summer.Thanks to Facebook I got to send some time with her. I also get to see Anna a decent amount. We have been jet setting at least once a year; sailing in Spain, recently fraternizing in France and god only knows what will happen this August when she comes to Boston. It has been great fun!

My other friend John.... gay John... I am pretty sure last time I saw you John and I brought you dancing. Anyway we have been chatting how we both miss London. We want to visit again but there are so many places we want to visit so we just talk about how we want to move there. Not for forever but enough to say things like "remember that time when we were living in London.....". I think we both have regrets never making that happen in our twenties. Now that we are full steam again to our forties we should just bring up all the the things we didn't do in our 20's. 40 is the new 20 right?!

Anyway these macaroons are making me miss France. I should look at airline tickets to somewhere. OH maybe I should do a full York tour, I hear Australia is nice. Then finish my tour meeting you, wife and super cute baby. That would be lovely.

I am smart

I went back to school and got my masters. I guess that is a pretty deal even though it doesn't feel that way. I now have masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. I still need to sit for my licence but I can now be everyone's favorite therapist. I don't want to be, but I could. As I write this it seem so strange it was only last summer I finished. Seems so much longer.

Bored at work

HOORAY it is Friday! I made you a newsletter at work because it looks like real work when in fact it is not.

A newsletter was a brilliant idea! I miss our letter writing. When I sent the "hi John" message I was working on a letter campaign for the program I manage at work. Little elementary school kids need pen pals. I also bought my five year old niece a lovely postcard kit so she can draw me pictures and mail them to me. Letter writing is the best..... even if it sometimes comes in an electronic newsletter on company time. Thankfully it has helped me get to the end of the day!! Miss you loads. Now I want an equally awesome newsletter of your life over the last few years (omg has it been 10 years since I last saw you---no that can't be right?! Can it?! ) Miss you xx