ES Update

May 26, 2022

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 30 ~ Ped Day ~ no school for students

Friday, June 3 ~ PVA ES Family Bingo Night (Register Now)

Wednesday, June 8 ~ PVA Appreciation Coffee Hour

Wednesday, June 15 ~ Kindergarten Graduation ~ 10:30am

Wednesday, June 15 ~ Grades 1 to 5 School Concert & Closing Assembly ~ 1pm

Thursday, June 16 ~ Grades 6 Graduation ~ 10am

Need to know

School-Wide Refugee Awareness - Thank you: As we near the end of our refugee awareness initiative at the school, we would like to thank all students for participating and learning about refugees living in Canada. It is important for students and faculty to understand the process of refugee resettlement and how we can help. Over the last two weeks several activities took place to give the boys a better understanding of the experience of refugees. We fundraised over $800 that will be donated to newcoming families to help ease their transition, and we collected school supplies, baby essentials and non-perishable foods for the refugee centre to distribute amongst their clients.

ES Refugee Fundraiser: The ES has finished collecting the baby items for the refugee centre. We will continue our effort to support the Centre D’Appui aux Communautes Immigrantes by raising funds by holding a “Guess the Number of Candies in the Jar” contest. ES Committee students will visit K to 6 classrooms until June 6 to provide each child the opportunity to take part if they wish. $1 a guess… no limit to guesses. Winners will be announced on June 6 in the afternoon.

Parent Volunteer Appreciation Coffee Hour: Save the Date! All parents who have played a volunteer role, big or small, are encouraged to attend this year’s PVA Appreciation Coffee Hour on Wednesday, June 8 from 8:00 to 9:15 am in The Guzzo Family Playground (under the tent).

Summer Camps at SHS: Two more camps, Football Tech and Gryphon Hockey Camp, have been added to the list, please see our Summer Camps webpage. More options may be added over the coming weeks.

Talking about the hard stuff: Given the news this week, here are a couple of resources to help guide conversations if the topic comes up at home. How to talk to our kids about school shootings and How scary news can impact kids who learn and think differently

ES Covid Corner

Your Daily Morning Covid Check Made Easier: Check out the Symptoms, transmission and treatment Quebec Government’s website page, for a list of symptoms and then follow the Algorithm below.

Official Quebec Government Documents: In regards to Covid health and safety protocols, we will be following government guidelines. Please see our comprehensive list of Quebec's Covid Protocols on our website here.

Attendance: In the event your son is absent (or late), be it Covid related or not, please inform Ms. Manal (the more information we have the better).

At-School Rapid Test: If your son’s symptoms start during the school day and we have received your consent form, we will contact you to confirm if you would like a test done at school. If you have not already filled in a consent form, it can be found here.

No Drop-Offs please: Parents are asked not to drop off items for their sons. Students need to remember to pack what they need for the day in their backpacks. We are trying to limit movement of ES students in the school.

School-Home Communication: Please understand that it is very difficult for teachers to facilitate in-person and at-home learners. As such, we will do the best we can to offer meaningful experiences for both in-person and at-home learners. Teachers will determine the appropriate type of support based on various factors such as subject, activity, lesson topic, grade level, etc.

Travel Outside Canada: Please note that no matter how short the travel outside Canada may be or the mode of transportation, unvaccinated children 12 years of age and under must follow the Canadian Government Travel Protocols. For more information please visit, COVID-19: For unvaccinated children under 12 without symptoms and travelling with fully vaccinated parents or guardians for information regarding travel outside of Canada.

Covid-19 Positive Results: Please let Ms. Manal know if your son(s) test positive for Covid. If a child has tested positive for Covid over the holidays and parents have not already done so, kindly let Ms. Manal know (

Proof of Vaccination: If you have decided to vaccinate your son, we would appreciate it if you send in his proof of vaccination once he is considered adequately vaccinated (Ms. Manal (

Reporting Positive Cases: Each Friday we’ll post SHS Covid positive cases in the Reporting Positive Covid Cases section.

Covid Update & Information Needed:

  • Starting immediately, we will follow the newest Quebec isolation protocols. Please note that the major change since returning from March Break is that household contacts of a positive case no longer need to isolate IF they are fully vaccinated and have no symptoms.

  • Continuing from before March Break, individuals who have had Covid after December 20, 2021 will be able to follow pre-pandemic protocols for a period of two months from onset of symptoms/positive result.

  • Following protocols now becomes more detailed. Therefore, if you have not already done so, please send us …

  1. proof of vaccination for the first and second dose (and third if they’ve received it…)
  2. confirmation that your son had Covid after December 20 (from pcr, rapid home test, or symptoms of Covid 19 within 14 days of a high-risk confirmed case)

Arrival and Dismissal Times and Locations

Elementary School students should be dropped off as per the times and locations as indicated below. If a student absolutely must arrive at school before their designated time there will be supervision in the yard starting at 7:50am.

  • Maternelle ~ enter & exit through 442 Argyle (7:50-8:00am & 2:30-2:40pm)

  • Grade 1 ~ enter & exit through Old Boys (East) Yard (8:05-8:10am & 3:15-3:20pm)

  • Grade 2 ~ enter & exit through Old Boys (East) Yard (8:15-8:20am & 3:25-3:30pm)

  • Grade 3 ~ enter & exit through archway by Veritas sign (8:05-8:10am & 3:10-3:15pm)

  • Grade 4 ~ enter & exit through archway by Veritas sign (8:15-8:20am & 3:15-3:20pm)

  • Grade 5 ~ enter & exit through laneway by Police/Fire Station (8:20-8:25am & 3:20-3:30pm)

  • Grade 6 ~ enter & exit through laneway by Police/Fire Station (8:10-8:20am & 3:25-3:30pm)

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