Pollution in Beijing, China

by: Halle Reach

The pollution in Beijing is at a dangerously high level. It is eight times over the recomended level from WHO (World Health Organization). As of 2013, there are 21,229,000 people living in just Beijing. Beijing is only 6487 square miles. Beijing is overpopulated and polluted. Here is a picture of China at night. This picture is a great example because all those lights that are on in Beijing cause pollution. Beijing is one the brightest spots in China
A lot of Beijing's pollution is blown in by heavy winds. Although rain or more heavy winds help clear out the pollution in Beijing, it just takes it to another city. Some people think that the rain and winds help clear out pollution but it doesn't, its like a cycle. A big wind blows some pollution out of one city and blows it into another, but then that city gets wind and blows it right back. It may be confusing, but it's true.
There are lots of things China could be doing to end pollution. For example conserve energy (turn off appliences when you leave the room or leave the house), recycle, switch to green electricity, and more. China should be putting flyers about how to put a stop to pollution. If they did, most people would listen. China should also be taking pollution into consideration before doing construction or environmental things.
Most people in Beijing wear masks to help filter out the harsh air like in the picture below. They wear these because the horrible air is damaging to our bodies. In 2010, there was 3.2 million deaths in china from pollution. Pollution is harmful for people, animals, and plants. It needs to be ended. If you donate just five dollars to the EP (ending pollution) organization, we will save three lives. Please put yourself in someone else's shoes that has to wear a mask every time they go outside. It will be worthwhile.