By:Emily Niswander

Earmuffs invented by Chester Greenwood.

  • Born in Farmington, Maine
  • Grammar school dropout
  • Invented earmuffs at age 15 (1873)

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How earmuffs have changed since their original design

  • earmuffs are now made in factories
  • earmuffs are not made of yarn and wool some are made of acrylic
Chester Greenwood Day celebrates earmuffs

All about earmuffs

Earmuffs are made to protect your ears from the "bitter cold." Earmuffs go around the top of your head and cover your ears to keep them warm. It was not an accident that this was invented. That is kind of obvious. Earmuffs are still used today. They are very popular now. Every year in Farmington, Maine they have a parade to honor Chester. Everyone wears earmuffs. In some families it is a tradition to go to the parade every year. A few years ago it was around 50 degrees outside and people had still worn earmuffs! The people of Farmington are proud to have Chester Greenwood in there towns history.
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Chester Greenwood Parade truck