Dominique Dawes

By Maria Araiza


Dominique Dawes' real name is Dominique Margaux Dawes.Gymnastics took her into the Olympics.She won many medals in her gymnast career.

What is she famous for?

Dominique Dawes is famous for participating in the Olympic games with the U.S. women's gymnastics team in 1992,1996, and in 2000.

What was her childhood like?

She started gymnastics at age six which we know has helped her alot in the past years-before her retirement.



Dominique Dawes attended Montgomery Blair High School and went to the the University of Maryland,College Park.


After her retirement in 2000 (after the 2000 Olympics) Dominique Dawes appeared on Broadway as Patty Simcox in Grease.She was president of the Women's Sports Foundation,not to mention part of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move Active Schools," campaign.She also became co-chair of the president's council on fitness,sports,and nutrition in 2010.

Quotable Quote

"I love how

gymnastics allowed

me to push myself and

find out what I was

capable of


-Dominique Dawes

My Learning

Dominique Dawes showed me that you should do what you want such as a sport whenever you want to,who cares if other people don't like what you do it's your choice not their's.Just put it this way do whatever sport or activity you want to and go for it maybe one day you can be one of the bests.

Five Words To Describe

In my opinion these are five words to describe Dominique Dawes:






Five Fast Facts

  1. Dominique Dawes entered the USA Gymnastics' Hall Of Fame in 2005.
  2. She was born in Silver Spring,Maryland.
  3. At age 9 she would write the word "determination" in crayon on a mirror in order to prepare herself for what gymnastics would bring.
  4. In 1998,she became the first African American to make the National Women's Team.
  5. She was a member of three separate medal-winning gymnastics teams.

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