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April 2020 - Teaching Goes Virtual

Virtual Learning Is Here

It's hard to believe that over a month and a half ago we were going about our daily lives without knowing what was coming. Not knowing that our children wouldn't be returning to school for the remainder of the year. Not knowing that we wouldn't be seeing our families and friends for quite a while (at least not up close and personal). And certainly not knowing that we as parents would be having to "home school" our children. If you're anything like me, you're probably ready to pull your hair out! But guess what? We have an AMAZING school district that has been working hard at putting together their Continuity of Learning plan which goes into effect this week! I learned so much this past week when I met with my children's teachers. What will be involved, what will be expected, and most importantly, knowing that my children will still be learning; even if it's in a different way. I'm so grateful for all of the LPS leaders and staff for the hard work that they've put into all of this to make it a reality. This is certainly uncharted territory, and they are doing their absolute best to help us navigate it. Thank You LPS!

Remember to encourage your families to reach out to their child's teacher or principal if they are in need of anything for their child's learning plan. The district is doing everything they can to make sure EVERY LPS student has the access and tools they need moving forward. Also, I know from experience that the pandemic and all that has happened with it can be stressful and sometimes frightening. Not just for the students, but for the parents as well. And sometimes, parents feel more comfortable reaching out to another parent versus someone in the school. It's always helpful to be a listening ear, but also be ready to guide them towards the help they need. LPS has many services set up during this uncertain time and they can certainly help those who need it most. The Social and Emotional Well Being Hotline and email: (734) 744-2737 or email

Remember, we are all in this together! Let us continue to support one another and help those who need it most if we can. It takes a village (and a PTA)! Now, let's all look forward to the new adventure we are about to embark on. . .Virtual Learning!

Stay safe and healthy,

Andrea Malenfant

Council Newsletter Chair

Thank You!

Council recognizes that some of our unit members are health care workers or essential workers during this difficult time. No matter what your job entails, WE APPRECIATE YOU! THANK YOU for continuing to provide the essential services that are needed. You are our heroes!

PTA Shout Out!

This month's PTA shout out goes to Council's Reflections Chair Debbie Yates and Council President Kellie Dummer for coming up with the fantastic idea of the Unexpected Art Contest. Keeping students and families engaged is what we continually strive for and this contest did not disappoint! It was amazing how quickly this contest took off! Students were excited to create art and parents were happy to have something to keep their kids occupied! And boy, what art there was! We have some extremely creative students in our district! I was in awe at the sheer amount of entries and what joy they brought to all who saw them. And let's not forget that Debbie also gave parents a chance to join in on the creativity! Those parent entries were just fantastic! Even though it was technically a contest, everyone was a winner in my eyes. Thank you Debbie and Kellie for always thinking of ways to keep our students creative and involved! This shout out is for you!

Andrea Malenfant

Council Newsletter Chair

The Spirit of PTA!

Since the students have been out of school, some of our units have been working hard to keep up the spirits of their families and students. I have seen some truly awesome and creative ways that units are keeping their families engaged. We need kindness and positivity now more than ever and these units are accomplishing that!

Unexpected Art Contest and Weekly Creative Challenges

Our three-week unexpected art contest was a smash hit! Over the course of three weeks, we received almost 650 entries from students at all of our schools. The talent and creativity was out of this world! Look at some of the pieces we received.

Now that the contest is over, we are posting weekly creative challenges on the Reflections Facebook page. Each Saturday, we post an idea, a prompt, or a theme for students to use to create something. Please share our page with your units, so that your students can participate in our creative challenges.

Reflections Facebook page:

Thanks for helping us promote the arts through this great PTA program!

Debbie Yates

Livonia PTSA Council Reflections Chair

Reflections News

Call for Reflections Chairpersons
We are beginning to assemble our team of unit chairs for next year's Reflections program. Any LPS school with a PTA unit in good standing may participate in Reflections. We just need someone to coordinate the efforts at your school. My goal is to have every school participating next year.

I posted a video that tells a little about what the Reflections chairperson does. Please share this with your units and start having discussions with your volunteers that might be a good fit. I already know that a few of this year's chairs are either aging out of the district or their current school, or they are taking on different volunteer opportunities next year. So we'll need a few new volunteers.

Recruiting video:

Debbie Yates

Livonia PTSA Council Reflections Chair

LPTSA Council Elections

On Wednesday May 20th council will be holding our Executive and General Board meetings via Zoom. We will be electing officers for Council's 2020 - 2021 Executive Board as well as voting on the tiered membership motion. Details will be emailed to all unit board members.

If our kids can learn to meet virtually, so can we.

So What's Next For Your Unit?

On April 3rd, Council received guidance from MI PTA in regards to how units can/should move forward with business. President Kellie Dummer posted answers to FAQ's on the Council Officer's Forum Facebook page. However, they are a few things we want to highlight.

  • Elections can be done through a virtual meeting platform, such as Zoom. However, all members must be notified of the upcoming election as well as given the slate of officers. All members must be given the opportunity to vote if they so choose. Remember you must have a quorum in order for voting to proceed (Check your bylaws for your specific quorum number).
  • Elections can be postponed until September if your unit chooses to do so. However, keep in mind there are certain acts of business that cannot take place until a new board is elected.
  • A unit's existing board CANNOT create a budget or event calendar for the upcoming school year. Only the board elected for the 2020 - 2021 school year can do so (which would be reflected in your board meeting minutes). So if your board is waiting until September to hold elections, your budget and event calendar can be created after that.
  • If your unit is waiting on Elections until September, you still need to pay your $40 annual unit dues to Michigan PTA by June 1st. (See picture below for instructions)
  • After your new officers for the 2020 - 2021 year are elected, please be sure to input them into Memberhub sooner rather than later. Council needs this information to keep our unit lists up to date. (See picture below for instructions)
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MemberHub's New Fundraising Platform

As we are in a time where information on the current situation changes daily, we may need to consider looking at new ways to fundraise in the future. MemberHub recently hosted live Q and A's regarding their new Virtual fundraising platform. Upgrades and changes have been made to make fundraising easier than ever and not needing to use an outside organization. We recommend that at least one member of your board become familiar with this new Virtual platform as it may help with any fundraisers you had to cancel or for fundraisers in the near future.

As always, if you need help navigating MemberHub, contact your Council Liaison or President Kellie Dummer.

You can register for live webinars here:

Information for Memberhub Fundraising can be found here:

Question/Answers for MH Fundraising can be found here:

MI PTA Recognition Program Submissions Extended

The deadline for the Michigan PTA Recognition Program submissions has now been extended to June 1, 2020.

Celebrate your accomplishments! These awards give recognition for outstanding efforts by our local PTAs and councils. Applying for these awards helps local PTAs and councils benchmark their efforts while also building an awareness of the Michigan PTA mission and focus.

Remember, any officer of a unit can submit for one of these awards. So don't wait for the president to give the unit a shout out, you can do it!!

For more information visit:

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Officer Training Workshop Cancelled

The Council's Officer Training Workshop was scheduled for Wednesday May 20th at Churchill High School from 6pm - 8pm. Due to the current situation council has decided to cancel this event. It will be rescheduled for some time in the summer. We will inform all units as soon as we have a confirmed date and location.

LPS Continues Food Curbside Program

Since the beginning of this crisis, LPS has provided meals for children through the LPS Curbside Meals Program. On April 21st they distributed 20,180 meals to families in need!
THANK YOU to the coordinators and LPS staff/volunteers for making this program a reality. The program runs every Tuesday from 11 am - 1 pm at Franklin High School and Stevenson High School.

Project LPS Donation And How You Can Help

On Tuesday April 21st, LPS board members, Board of Educaiton representatives, and supporters (Mark Johnson, Liz Jarvis, Melodie Provencher, Elizabeth Provencher, and Stacy Green Jenkins) collected sanitizing wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer donations that were gathered by staff from classrooms at LPS schools. They delivered these much needed supplies to Angela Hospice and St. Mary’s hospital, who were very grateful. How awesome is that?

The LPS Education Foundation is currently seeking donations to help the community address the digital divide. They are looking to help those students who are in need of wireless access to engage with their teachers and peers in online learning. While units cannot specifically "sponsor a student", they can donate to the LPS Education Foundation as a general donation. If your unit can donate, please help!

PEP Standings

Here are the current updated PEP Points standings. Please be sure to look over the file below. If you feel there is a discrepancy, please contact PEP Chairperson, Melissa Kachaturoff at:

Normally, all PEP related submissions are counted by May 30th. However with the current situation, we have extended it to June 30th.

Get Your PEP On!

The PEP Program is underway! Your PEP guide has all the important dates!

Due in May: Submit your Council dues by the 28th

Important Dates for the 2019 - 2020 Year!

* Indicates change ** Indicates update


**5/20 LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. | Via Zoom | Elections

6/17 LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. | TBD

**7/15 Council Audit Party | 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. | TBD

7/25 - 7/26 MI PTA Convention | TBD | Henry Ford College

** LPTSA Officer Training Workshop | TBD | TBD

Have You Joined Us On Facebook?

If you are a PTA officer or committee chair, please make sure to join our page for important information, discussions, and more! A lot of great info is shared on this closed group page. It's also a great way to network with other units, share ideas, and ask for help.

About us...

The Livonia PTSA Council is a group of 19 local PTA/PTSA Units within the Livonia Public Schools District. The Council is organized under the authority of the Michigan PTA for the purpose of promoting conferences, communications, leadership development and coordination of the efforts of the local units.

Interested in joining Council? There are chair opportunities available! Contact President Kellie Dummer at