7th Grade Band News

Week of January 3

Welcome Back!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! I hope everyone had an enjoyable break. The band lesson schedule will resume this week as will full group rehearsals. I can't wait to see everyone!

What Should Students Be Practicing?

All 7th grade band students should have a solo that they are working on in lessons. We have encouraged students to "chunk it up" by working on small sections at a time. We have also talked about the importance of isolating the hard sections and practicing these sections several times slowly. Good practice habits will build skill and confidence.

Students will be submitting a recording of their solo performance to me by January 21st.

Register for Band at Cardinal Heights!

Students at Cardinal Heights LOVE their band experience! Check out this brief video highlighting their ensembles and what students have to say about band at C-Heights!

Here are just some of the things to look forward to in 8th grade band:

  • A trip to perform at the Beyond The Notes Music Festival at the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.
  • Wind Symphony overnight tour of major universities in Wisconsin and beyond.
  • Jazz Ensemble performances at the Big Band Dance as well as Jazz Fest.
  • Opportunity to join the award-winning, Sound of Sun Prairie Marching Band!

Please take a moment to look at this document with information about all of the band classes and activities that Cardinal Heights has to offer. Wind Symphony audition information is also included.

At Cardinal Heights, we welcome all students to participate in band! Please feel free to share the above information with anyone who may be interested in band - even if they have never participated before!

Band Booster Information

If you didn't see it, the Band Boosters sent out a recent newsletter with some important dates and information. Take a look HERE to read the entire newsletter. However, here are some highlights:

General Booster Meeting
Sunday, Feb 21st, 5:30PM

On the agenda: 2022 6-7-8 class schedule, SOSP update, hybrid band, fundraising/financials.

Yard Signs Coming To Your Lawn Soon!

Like you, we are so proud of our children and the band program in Sun Prairie. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our children continue to collaborate, create, and perform.

We understand the value band has on our children's education and their development. We wanted to help celebrate and share our pride with the wider community by placing a yard sign at the home of every band family. With your permission, a yard sign will be placed in your yard January 7th -15th. If you would prefer to opt-out and not have a yard sign placed in your yard, please fill out this form by January 5th: https://forms.gle/11epSGeuz6y8f2Lg6

We hope this sign brings a sense of pride to your child and family. We look forward to the day we get to hear our kids making beautiful music together again!

Feed The Beat

It's important that we do our part to give our support to our local restaurants during this challenging time. Each month we will pick one local restaurant to support for 1 week. Boosters will not be asking for any profit from restaurants.

Stay in touch through our website and Facebook page for details.



Information From Previous Newsletters

Virtual Private Lessons Available

For students that are interested in taking private lessons for enrichment and extra help from a professional musician, please consider reaching out to our list of fantastic professional musicians. These are a group of people that are connected to Sun Prairie in various ways - some are alumni! Whether you participated in last year's "Band Lesson Academy" or you are looking for more - please check out this fantastic resource! To start lessons with any of these teachers, simply email them requesting a lesson time. Payment will be done between you and the teacher directly. Click Here to find a teacher:


Distance Learning Reminders

  • CAMERAS - Please ask your child to turn on their cameras during class (If possible). Certainly, there are reasons to keep it off (WIFI signal strength, etc). However, we rely on seeing your children as much as we do hearing them. As you can imagine, seeing hand placement, embouchures (mouth), posture, instrument angles, etc are all visual cues that assist us. If your child's camera doesn't work on their Chromebook, please have them fill out an Incident IQ Repair Request online to get it fixed.

  • FOOD/DRINK - Please remind your kids that eating food and then playing immediately afterward will get food particles into their wind instruments causing damage. Students should take a drink of water after eating and before playing and always avoid eating while playing in general.

  • CHAIRS - We have noticed a number of students sitting on couches or recliners during their lesson or band class. Your child will play best using a hard, flat chair like a wooden kitchen chair. Students are encouraged to stand and play (depending on the instrument) as well. However, stay away from beds, couches, and other soft surfaces.

  • DOGS/CATS - Nothing wrong with this at all. Love seeing them : ) Even the fish.

Share Your Photos!

We love seeing photos of your kids participating in band from home! With your approval, we would love to share those photos on our Facebook Band Page or on future newsletters. If you have a great photo to share, send it to Erin Gleason at eegleas@sunprairieschools.org

Ordering Supplies from Ward Brodt

If you are ordering supplies from Ward Brodt you can visit their website at https://wardbrodt.com/t-schoolacclist.aspx or call them at 608-661-8600. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose school delivery under the shipping section. Your supplies will be delivered to Prairie View and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, I have attached a list of recommended supplies to this newsletter. If you are unable to order supplies from Ward Brodt, please contact Mrs. Gleason and she will make sure you receive all the supplies you need. You can also contact Mrs. Gleason with any questions.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

SP Band Highlights

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Please feel free to contact Mrs. Gleason or Mr. Quaglieri with any questions or concerns!

Erin Gleason



Matt Quaglieri


520-0122 (text messages)

834-7839 (office)