Austin ISD Poetry Appreciation

Enjoy the moment, the sound, the feeling poetry can envoke.

April National Poety Month

April is National Poetry Month, Library Media Services is providing a poem a day to relax and enjoy. Our goal is to build an appreciation and understanding of poetry and its relevance in our everyday lives.

We hope you will join us each day to share your love of poetry. Look for us on social media- Twitter-@AustinISDLibs and FB- Austin ISD School Libraries

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2020-2021 School Year

Week #5 April 26th - 30th

Monday, April 26th

Tuesday, April 27th

Wednesday, April 28th

Thursday, April 29th

Friday, April 30th

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Last Poem by Steven McDaris

Quick went from a big fat

rejection slip as a poet to

an overnight success, he was

compared to Dylan Thomas

Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Li

Po, Tu Fu, Ginsberg, and Corso*,

audiences and publishers asked

him how he memorized all of

His poems, he said he learned

them by heart, Quick knew he

was a fraud, a big phony, and

possibly a plagiarist*, he'd wake

Up and the poems would be in

his shoes, at first he thought he'd

written them in his sleep, so he

set up a camera to record his

Somnambulism*, he saw the cats

moving around, but he never rose

from his bed, he was baffled, Quick

only had to read the poems once

And they were recorded instantly,

he was mystified and perplexed

to the point of sheer madness, his

two cats were the only things that

Kept him sane, the nervous break-

down hit him with a full hurricane

force panic attack, he was over-

whelmed and plagued, as he was

Put struggling into a straitjacket*

and led to an ambulance, his cats

shoved one last poem in his shoe

and this is it.

Steven McDaris


"Dylan Thomas

Bukowski, Pablo Neruda, Li

Po, Tu Fu, Ginsberg, and Corso"--- Famous Poets

plagiarist- a person who uses another person's ideas or work and pretends that it is his or her own

Somnambulism- a situation in which a person walks around while they are sleeping

straitjacket- a strong piece of special clothing that ties the arms to the body

McDaris, Steven. "The Last Poem." New Coin Poetry, vol. 51, no. 1, 2015, p. 55+. Gale Literature: LitFinder, Accessed 19 Apr. 2021.

Thank you! We hope you have enjoyed the poetry this month.

Week #4 April 19th - 23rd

Monday, April 19th

Tuesday, April 20th

Wednesday, April 21st

Thursday, April 22nd

Friday, April 23rd

Week #3 April 12th - 16th

Monday, April 12th

Tuesday, April 13th

Wednesday, April 14th

Thursday, April 15th

Friday, April 16th

Week #2 April 5th- 9th (National Library Week)

Monday, April 5th

Tuesday, April 6th

Wednesday, April 7th

Thursday, April 8th

Friday, April 9th

Week #1- April 1st-2nd

April 1st, 2021

April 2nd, 2021



Thank you for a wonderful April of Poetry Appreciation!

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