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What to put in compost

Compost is made out of organic matter including things like greens : Fruit, vegetables , Plants, fecal matter , other foods . Browns: leafs , wood chips , straw, dry stems , sawdust.

Things to avoid putting in compost: Plastic, Milk cartons , Napkins , metal cans , glass jars, paper plates, and silverware. Also you have to add water because without water the compost will be dry and take longer to become compost .

Why we compost and what are the benefits

We compost because it is a cycle that the product is soil that is rich in nutrients. Also because it is more cleaner than trash and landfills can cause global warming . Leach ate can also cause pollution to the water.The benefits are with compost is that it grows grass, grows flowers, and grows vegetables.
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The decompose-rs job in compost is to break down the organic matter in to compost and clean up waste. They are tiny microorganisms and they include millipedes ,sow bugs,and earth worms .

Fun Facts

Brown organic matter is high in the element of carbon. Green organic matter is high in the element nitrogen. You can also use compost as mulch to shade out weed seeds .