Kindergarten "Hoppenings"

Ms. Williams' class April 1, 2016

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • April 1st-end of the 3rd quarter
  • April 4th-8th - Spring Break

  • April 12th - Crozet ES Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast @ 9 am

  • April 12th - PTO Meeting 6:30

  • April 27th - Kindergarten Orientation for 2016-2017 - 9:30-10:30 am

  • April 29th-Drama club presents The Lion King

  • May 5th-Walk to school day

Please remember to check your child's homework/notes folder daily


We have been busy decorating our room for spring! The children made birds , kites and daffodils. Our classroom feels ready for spring and all the changes that we see around us. Let's just hope the weather decides to cooperate!


The students have been doing well learning about subtraction. They are learning that when they subtract that their answer or difference should be a smaller number. They are learning to use finger patterns, pictures and counting backwards to solve subtraction problems. They have fun playing games, such as roll and record and Move It, that reinforce this concepts.


The children enjoy listening to stories using tumble books which is part of the Jefferson Madison Regional library's website. I have included the link below. Listening to stories helps children learn to read with expression, build their vocabulary and is a fun way to engage with books! Once you get to the website, click on databases, kids and teens and then you will see the link for tumble books at the bottom of the page. You do have to have a library card to access the site.


One of my professional development goals this year was to provide more choice during math time. Research has shown that when children have more choice in their learning that they are more engaged in what they are learning. The students are introduced to math games and activities and then throughout the week can choose to practice different math skills with these games and activities. They enjoy math time and being able to make some of their own choices about how to practice and learn math concepts.


The children participated in another STEM activity today. They were challenged to create a picture using only shapes. A circle, square, rectangle and triangle had to be a part of the picture. The students then had to share and describe what they had created. This was a fun way to practice our problem solving and critical thinking skills. It is also an engaging way to show our thinking!

Websites that we use! username-crozet, password-star click sign in, click student, password-crozetk2015 reading website (click on the link and then click on your child's name) stories read aloud math and word study practice