Friday Focus

April 2, 2021


Giving Tables

Even though Covid put an end to our Share Tables this year, Memorial and Cooks Corners have started up "Giving Tables" instead. Melissa and Amber have partnered with Audrey from First Fruits Gives to donate all unopened, pre-packaged items that students have placed on the Giving Table rather than in the trash. Special thanks to Ashley Bowman for making this local connection. First Fruits Farms is located at 451 N. 450 East in Valparaiso, where "every being on our little farm has a job and a purpose." First Fruit Gives donates all rescued food to local families in need. If you are interested in starting a Giving Table, contact Ashley at 5330 and she will help you connect and get set up.
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Shout Out!

This week's shout out goes to Kim Spejewski, Warehouse and Satellite Delivery at VHS. With staff shortages, Kim works alone most days and has almost single handedly prepared 32,678 meals so far this year for SELF (regular and puree meals), Immanuel Lutheran School and Victory Christian Academy. Our contracted meal service is big business! Kim also cashiers at the high school during lunch service and packages meals to go for VALE. Kim coordinates this effort and does all the forecasting, ordering, preparing and packing. She has to execute her daily duties according to a strict time schedule in order for all these meals to get out the door and delivered on time. Thank you, Kim, for making quality and service a priority!


Just a reminder that every Manager is expected to plan and conduct promotions in their schools with the help of their staff. The Promotion Planner is on the Leadership Drive. Do these "Popcorn Chicken Cones" inspire any ideas? The cones are filled with mashed potatoes and topped with popcorn chicken.
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School Calendar Changes

Friday, April 9 is now a full day (previously a half day)

Monday, April 12 is now a regular in session day as a weather make up day (previously no school). Follow the regular Green Monday menu.

Wednesday, May 26 is a regular in session day (no eLearning day) Follow the regular Green Wednesday remote menu


Procurement refers to how purchases are made. Our program is federal and there are very strict rules that govern how we spend federal taxpayer money. I've recently had to update our Procurement Plan to include how Managers are spending federal money responsibly when they place vendor orders. Kathryn is beginning training for Managers on the proper ordering process. She has already created the Order Sheets for you which reflect our "just in time" delivery plan. This ensures products are not ordered too far in advance. The Order Sheets will be revised to include columns for forecasting, inventory and ordering. These sheets must be completed by the Manager before placing the order and then turned in to Kathryn to keep on file. All Managers must follow this process and monthly food cost and inventory values will be reviewed as an internal control to measure the success of our Procurement Plan. More information will follow. If you are interested in learning more about federal procurement, please visit the following sites.
With thanks and appreciation for all you do,


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