A layman’s guide

to the best billing machine available

We do not need to try hard to stumble upon a bill transcript. It is found literally everywhere, in homes, schools and offices alike. The reason is the value of bills, invoices and other sales transcription has gone up tremendously as people are becoming more money conscious. As prices are shooting up without any warning, it is these bills and transcripts that help a person or an org. to account their buying and spending which may be helpful to save some money in the next purchase. Not many know about how bills are printed and what are the equipments used to print them. In times when the computers where found commonly in shops and not much in homes, the bills were printed using a computer printer which needed cartridges of ink to keep functioning.

We all know that there has been an increase in the technology side which has reformed the way we live in every way. Without technology today's man will find it hard to live without the use of tech. It will be like blinding him and leaving him in the middle of a forest. Dispensing bill is also no different as the user just needs to enter few details on a peripheral and the bill is printed. Most of the billing machine today do not use normal paper but use a chemically treated paper known as thermal paper which is fed to the machines in rolls. These types of printers which use thermal paper for printing are known as thermal printers.

There are several advantages of using a thermal printer to print bills against those which use normal paper and ink. The first main advantage is that it is economical to use a thermal printer. Ordinary printers use a lot of ink to print anything on to a paper. This means that every now and then when the ink cartridge is empty, new ones have to be bought which can be costly in the long run. In some cases when the printer is not used for a long time, the ink can even dry up making the investment a ruin. Unlike ordinary printers, the thermal printers use heat on the chemically treated thermal paper rolls which turns black when in contact with heat. These billing machines do not have print heads but thermal heads which are minute and is heated when the bills are being printed. These fine thermal heads print the info onto the thermal paper in no time.

Another interesting thing about the thermal printing is that black is not the only color the printers can print but can also including another color. This is achieved by heating the thermal paper in a different temperature which causes the paper to turn into another color other than black which is usually blue or red. Thermal printers not only cuts cost but is much efficient and tough working than the ordinary printers since they have the job of just printing receipts, bills or invoices. They are also more users friendly and are custom made just for billing.


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