The Corral Spring's Weekly Report

Owners: Maya and Angie

Teenagers hatred for Muslims

Has the events of 9-11 caused hatred toward Muslims gone too far? Two teenagers Bobby Brinkmann and Rigo Manzela tried to burn down a local mosque on September 28 at 8:00 p.m. They tried to burn the mosque by using glass bottles filled with paper towels. Then, they ignited it with a lighter.Luckily two witnesses, Jake Green and Sameed Madina, tried to stop the bottles from hitting the mosque. Another witness Mr. Wilkey called the cops in time to arrest the young men.

Opening of the Mosque

Come celebrate with us to learn about Islam.This event will take place on September 29th at the back of the local mosque. Sheikh Muhammad will talk about how the terrorist took scriptures from the Qua'ran and twisted it to make it their own beliefs. He will describe why they were not Muslim, because Allah does not tolerate murder. The nineteen hijackers did not represent Islam.Therefore, this is a message to all people to not to blame innocent people for being Muslim. Food and drinks will be provided in tents. We wish to see you here!

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Pumpkin Festival

Saturday, Oct. 6th 2001 at 12:45-6:45pm

Mullins Park, Coral Springs, FL, United States

Coral Springs, FL

Come join us at Mullins Park this Saturday!!! There will be activities for every age, including spider jump, face painting, rock climbing and many more. There will be music and most importantly FOOD! And don't forget about the 30th annual PUMPKIN CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!! The winner will receive a 1000 dollar check!! Hope to see you there!