The Quill 9-11-20


A Thought or Two From Mr. Nieslanik

We have finally arrived! Welcome to the start of school for the 20-21 school year! Welcome into our classrooms and our community! Welcome back to each and every one of you, and a special hello to the Class of 2024. I know this is not how we wanted to start the school year, I know that we want to have human interaction, learning in collaborative in-person structures, athletics with fans in the stands, and the arts spreading their talent in the Beaverton Community Parade. I also know that we want to be safe, to be healthy, and to be thoughtful. Thus, here we are, let's take it and run! Let's put all our passion into doing the best job we can--together. Let's put our energy into supporting our learners, our teachers, and our families--together. Let's not back down from asking the questions that need to be asked and leaning in to help when the time is right--together. Let's also remember that we are a community of individuals with one common mission, the work of opening doors, giving opportunities, and building skills for life. Let's do this together!

You can expect teaching to begin at 8:30 on Monday, September 14th for period one! Access will happen via Canvas.

Welcome back Syhawks!

Supporting our Students on Canvas

The best way to navigate this school year is to access Canvas and support your student(s) through Canvas. The below resources will help you navigate Canvas:

Video on how to use Canvas

Creating a Canvas Link for Parents

Creating a Parentvue Link for Parents (in order to access Canvas)

Family Tool Kit

The Beaverton School District has created a Family Tool Kit to support all families as we launch into Comprehensive Distance Learning. I encourage you to take some time and jump into the Tool Kit to learn how we can partner better on this journey of learning.

How do you Access School on Day One?

We ask all students to log into Canvas to access school on Monday, September 14th. On each teacher's Canvas page you will see the zoom link. Some teachers may email the link as well, but this is not a requirement, as "all links lead to Canvas"!

To Access Canvas:

1. Go to the SRHS Website a few minutes before the class begins

2. Click on Students

3. Click on Canvas

4. Go to the Appropriate Class and Period

4. Click on the Zoom Link


Teachers will take attendance each day for every period. Teachers will have a live Zoom component to start each class, every day. The easiest way to be marked, "Present," is to be in those Zoom sessions each class period, every day.

On Wednesdays, students will need to login to their grade-level Canvas page for attendance to be recorded on Wednesdays. This is where school-wide announcements will be delivered. Attendance on Wednesdays will be taken through students logging in to their grade-level Canvas page and reading announcements. Attendance will be checked for all students by 3:30 each Wednesday.

If a student is marked absent, a message will go home at the end of the day. However, teachers will check Canvas the next day and if students access the content after 5:00pm, their attendance will be changed to "Present" for the day.

Bottom line, students need to connect with each class, every day. It's best to think like this is regular, in-person school. Students should be on time and present and engaged with each class period, every day.

Technology and Support For Students

BSD is offering technology support to all families who need assistance. Information can be accessed here.

In addition, SRHS will provide technology, class support, school supplies, food and needs from the Hawks Nest, and other supports during our Hawk Support Time every Monday and Thursday from 10:30-12:00.

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Five Days of Learning both Synchronously and Asynchronously

  • SRHS teachers will be present every period from 8:30-2:30 during the school day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Students will be asked to check in at the beginning of the period and then instruction will be given for the period.
  • Do know that students will have different tasks to do, and may not be listening to direct instruction for the entire period. Instruction will look differently based upon learning target, curricular and student need. I would be highly surprised to see students consistently on zoom or at their laptop from 8:30-2:30. I would predict that there will be mix of on-screen and off-screen time built in for work completion and learning to take place!
  • SRHS instructors will hold advisory class time every Wednesday from 10:15-11:00, and have student contact time on Wednesdays from 11:00-1:15. If students do not check-into Advisory you can expect a phone call from an SRHS staff member.
  • Students will be given asynchronous assignments and work to complete on Wednesdays.
  • Faculty have established office hours which can be found on their individual canvas page.
  • There are a few days where Wednesdays will have synchronous teaching, this is due to the way the calendar falls. (The 20-21 calendar can be found here.)
  • Assessments and Grades will be given.
  • Attendance will be taken.
  • If a student cannot access class during the allotted instructional time, then they are expected to access the material on canvas on their own time.

Meal Services

BSD and SRHS is proud to announce that all students 18 or younger will receive free meal services until December 31, 2020. Free meals can be accessed at SRHS Tuesday and Thursday, form 11:00am -12 noon. If you qualify for Free or Reduced Meal Services we highly encourage you to complete this application, as this qualification also allows for all fees to be waived. Information and the application can be accessed here.

Important Yearbook Information and Deadlines for Seniors

Thank you to everyone who purchased a 2020 yearbook. If you missed yours, you may pick up your copy at preview days or speak with our business office about ordering one.

We WILL have a 2021 Yearbook. In light of financial concerns about the pandemic, we are lowering the price for this year to $50 if you order by January 15, 2021. You may purchase the book through the school's online payments system.

We are accepting Senior Portraits until Dec. 7 (One month longer than usual.) Click here for full details.

We are now accepting Senior baby ads until Nov. 2. Click here for full details. If your family works for a company that would like to support Southridge with a business ad in the yearbook, please click here for more details.

Locker Items from LAST YEAR!

If you have not picked up your hallway locker or locker room items from last year, please do so during Hawk Support Time by Friday 9/18.

Hawk Support Time:

Thursday 9/10-Friday 9/18, 10:30-12:00.

After 9/18 all items left from last year will be donated to the Beaverton School District Clothes Closet.

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Back-to-School-Night Save the Date

Join is for our virtual celebration of Southridge High School as re-imagine Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 24th. More details to come in the near future.

PTO Information

Information from our Amazing PTO