What's Kickin' in Kindergarten:

May 4-May 8

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Falcon 5k!

The Fairmount PTO Falcon 5k and Falcon Frenzy Fun Run/Walk will be on Saturday, May 2nd at 9am. We encourage you to join the exciting event as a runner, walker or a volunteer!

Unit 8: Wonders of Nature-Plants and Animals

Reading: Students will explain that living things have offspring based on the organism’s physical similarities and differences, understand that all plants and animals have structures that perform specific functions, and they will be able to understand the connection between two ideas or pieces of information in a text.

*Phonics-Review all

Vocabulary: seed and plant

Sight Word: review all 4th quarter sight words

where, when, how, came, there, your, friend, want, were, some, boy, girl, now, why, that

*Reading strategy: Flip the Vowel. If the vowel you are using doesn't sound right, flip it and use the other sound it makes!

Topic 12: Measurement

Students will learn how objects can be compared by length, height, capacity, and weight! This is a great topic to do experiments at home with!!!

Dates to remember...

  • May 2nd - Fairmount Falcon 5k, sign up online!
  • May 15th - Field Day
  • May 20th-Step Up Day
  • May 21st-Last Day of School-Early Release!

STAR STUDENTS! Way to go! Keep up the great EFFORT in the classroom!

Miss Swalley: Lilly G

Mrs. Hayes: Daniel W.

Mrs. Versemann: Alex F

Mrs. Olivares: Brett B

Mrs. Bee: Meagan H

Mrs. Trask: Sophia P

Miss Garner: McKenzie K

Mrs. Sanzoterra: Tyler S

Specials Schedule:

Week of 5/4-5/8
  • Monday- C Day
  • Tuesday- A Day
  • Wednesday- B Day
  • Thursday- C Day
  • Friday - A Day