The Highwayman Story

By: Timothy Huttenlocker

Summary of the Story

The story of the Highwayman is a great one. It is very complex at the same time. It starts when a robber (the Highwayman) makes his way up to a house. He walks up to it and whistles a tune. A girl looks out of the window, the highwayman has come to visit her. They are not alone though, Tim the ostler is stalking their every move. The Highwayman leaves and tells Bess that he will return. The next night, the redcoats came to the house and tied and gagged Bess up. They knew the Highwayman would come that night. The redcoats told Bess to keep watch to see if the highwayman would come. They set a musket beside her. As he said, he came. Bess tried to scream for him, but she couldn't. She shot the musket, killing herself to warn him. The Highwayman ran off. He made a vow saying that he would avenge Bess. He ran back only to get shot by the British. Now that they both have died, they could see each other in the ghost world.