The Armor of God

Bible Study

Happy Tuesday Evening Everyone

I'm so glad we've had new ladies join our Bible study!

We had an amazing night of fellowship, study, and video regarding the Belt of Truth. I hope you're being blessed and challenged by this week's daily lessons as we strengthen our core to gird ourselves as women of Truth.

Thank you Sherry and Ginger for providing the delicious chicken salad and fruit, and thank you in advance to Melinda and Leah for next week's meal.

Our format will continue Sunday:

5:00 share time from the week's lessons/prayer requests

5:40 eat and fellowship

6:00 video-#3 The Breastplate of Righteousness

Our prayer requests from Sunday:

1. Oak Grove as it continues to grow

2. Oak Grove ladies to unite in prayer and to understand the blessing of prayer

3. LaRhonda Hogan-her son and daughter and their new baby girl; her husband's invention

4. Betty Lewis-her son-in-law Darren and a court situation; daughter Venita's career; direction for Lee and Ayana

5. Barbara Ray's daughter Shelly Wright has lupus-pray for a cure; God to send our nation Christian leaders; Brother Steve; Oak Grove to grow

6. Frederick Daniels; Claudia Nickerson; South Ft. Worth Baptist Fellowship Church; Adrian Williams; Gertrude Epps

7. Ginger-her brother Preston has a malignant tumor on his liver which hasn't been affected by chemo or radiation-pray for healing

8. Our Bible Study-God's protection and the strength to fight with God's armor

9. Remember to pray for the ladies in your small group so that everyone is prayed for this week.

10. Marci Spencer-continued healing

Don't leave home without your armor and girded in prayer!

Take care and see you Sunday evening!