Cradle To Cradle

By: Rooks Hunter


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Where It Comes From

On the Sharper Looks website, the only information pertaining to how their products are made is on the About page where it states, "Sharper Looks sources products from many different suppliers to give buyers the best looking accessories for great prices."

That being said, I sent the following email to their contact email:

Hi, my name is Rooks Hunter and recently ordered the Invictus Geneva and Pegasus watch. Could I have some clarification about where the resources used for these products came from for a school project? Thanks

How will it be used and for how long?

I do not have a time table for how long I will use it for. To be honest, I bought these watches because I thought they looked cool and intend on using them to tell time.

What happens when it is no longer needed?

I will reuse the packaging it comes in for when I/my mom have to send something to someone. As far as the actual product goes (assuming the watch is made of metal), I will throw it away in the trash where it will hopefully be recycled and sent back to China to be used for other products. The leather will go to the landfill to be put back in the Earth.

How will I recycle it?

I intend on getting my watches sent back to Chine to be reused for other watches. For the leather, I will attempt to send the leather to Nike because I know that they have a program to reuse thrown away leather on new shoes.

Three R's

I would rank the three R's by Reduce, Recycle, Reuse in order of importance of saving Earth's biodiversity. I believe that the first step in saving Earth's biodiversity is reducing our waste because once people see how much better we are off once we reduce our waste they will be inclined to take further steps in that direction.