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May 2021- The Power of Measuring Progress

A Note From The AAMU/UAH RIC Director

Greetings #ALRegion3 Educators,

It's May! Can you believe it? You've made it through another school year -- in the middle of a pandemic! Isn't it amazing what a group of committed people can do?!?! As we wrap up the 2020-2021 school year, it is important that we measure our progress in preparation for a new school year. Blogger, Shawn Lim compares measuring progress to the game of football---

"Goal setting is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to you achieve what you want in life. The bad news is that most people fail to reach their goals and the main reason for that is that they don’t take consistent action. And if you’re someone who fails to follow through with your plan consistently, here’s one thing you can do – measure your progress.

Never underestimate the power in measuring your progress. Try to imagine watching a football game without the score. The players don’t know the time left and they have no idea who is winning. So what will happen?

Well, the game will become boring and the players will never play it full out. When a game lacks a scoring system, the players will become less committed to it. However, when the moment scorekeeping begins, the players know that it’s game on. Competition only exists when there is a scoring system.

Hence, if you find it hard to stick to your goals and you often procrastinate on your plans, perhaps, you’re not measuring your progress." ~Excerpt from How To Measure Progress To Effectively Achieve Your Goal.

In the book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, McChesney, Covey and Huling discuss the importance of "Keeping A Compelling Scoreboard"-- discipline 3. "People play differently when they are keeping score. If you doubt this, watch a group of teenagers playing basketball. See how the game changes the minute score-keeping begins, it’s not a subtle change.

The lag and lead measures won’t have much meaning to the team unless they can see the progress in real time. Bowling through a curtain is not that much fun. Discipline 3 is the discipline of engagement. People perform best when they are emotionally engaged and the highest level of engagement comes when people know the score: whether they are winning or losing the game. It’s that simple."

Whether its' football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball or golf, coaches and athletes all consistently measure progress.

Questions for Reflection: How do you measure progress? How do you know you've met your goal? If you haven't met your goal what do you do next?

Wishing each of you a very restful summer!

Happy Teaching & Learning,

Dr. Kisha Tolbert Simmons, NBCT

Director, AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center

Personal Twitter: @KTSimmonsPhDMom

Hashtag: #AAMUUAHRICWorks

Something Fun!

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May Staff Book Picks

Know Yourself & Know Your Money by Rachel Cruz

Don't Drop the Mic by Bishop TD Jakes

The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

Street Data by Shane Safir, Jamila Dugan with Carrie Wilson. Foreword by Chris Emdin

Re-post from our May book picks

Fewer Things, Better by Angela Watson

Recommended by Stephanie Dillard-McClain, Consultant & Coach

*Register here for the SU21 Book Study

Successful Strategies for Pursuing National Board Certification: Version 3.0, Components 1 and 2 (What Works!) by Bobbie Faulkner

Recommended by the AAMU/UAH RIC NBCT Candidate Support Providers

*Register here for the SU21 Book Study

Successful Strategies for Pursuing National Board Certification: Version 3.0, Components 3 and 4 (What Works!) by Bobbie Faulkner

Recommended by the AAMU/UAH RIC NBCT Candidate Support Providers

*Register here for the SU21 Book Study

The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners by TESOL Writing Team

Recommended by Ann Marie Batista, ESOL Coordinator Huntsville City Schools & Robin

Stutts, Region 3 ALSDE EL Coach

*Register here for the ACLD PLU Opportunity beginning June 2021. The Keynote speaker in June is Dr. Deborah Short, Past President TESOL & co-author of The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners.

Conquering Dyslexia: A Guide To Early Detection & Intervention for Teachers & Parents by Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

Recommended by the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) staff

*Register here for the SU21 Book Study

Coming Soon!!!

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In the coming months, we will be releasing #ALRegion3TV Powered by AAMU/UAH RIC.

What is #ALRegion3TV? It's our region's video-sharing platform hosted by Vimeo. Much like YouTube, Vimeo allows users to upload and share videos, watch available videos, create playlists, save videos, and engage with the content available through liking and commenting. Why Vimeo and not YouTube? It was Vimeo's high-quality videos and password protected video feature that made Vimeo our pick for #ALRegion3TV!

Why #ALRegion3TV? We wanted to offer our viewers the ability watch playlists of their favorite past and present professional learning sessions. What better way to do so than #ALRegion3TV?!?!.

Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM)

Featured ASIM Lab --- Mrs. Beck’s AP Biology Class at Douglas High School, Marshall County Schools

ASIM Lab M2DesEnz Designer Enzymes: Protein Structure and Function

This lab will allow students to experience the roles of proteins in living organisms with an emphasis on proteins as enzymes, enzyme actions including catabolism and anabolism, activation energy, enzyme specificity, two types of enzyme inhibitors. This lab uses models to simulate enzyme reactions and explores how the shape of proteins determines their function in living organisms.

Essential Question:

How does the structure of a protein determine its function?

*Images from Mrs. Beck’s AP Biology Class at Douglas High School This image is of the protein folding model portion of the lab.

Mark Your Calendar! Summer 2021 ASIM Biology Training

Athens State University + Alabama A&M University ASIM Biology Training

Location: Room 302 Waters Hall Athens State University campus map

From 8:30-3:30 daily

What to bring: Computer or iPad, Science notebook, & Goggles

Content Standard - Ecosystems - Agenda

Date - 6/3/21

PowerSchool Umbrella Course # 265384 section # 402576 Registration Link

Content Standard - Anatomy Standard 1-5 - Agenda

Date - 6/4/21

PowerSchool Umbrella Course # 265391section # 402591 Registration Link

Content Standard - Biology Standard 6/6a - Agenda

Date- 6/8/21 - 6/10/21

PowerSchool Umbrella Course # 265395 section # 402551 Registration Link

Content Standard - Biology Standard 5a & 1 Agenda

Date - 6/11/21

PowerSchool Umbrella Course #2 65384 section # 402577 Registration Link

Content Standard - Biology standards 2, 5, 4, 11, 12. 14. & 16 Agenda

Date - 6/14/21 - 6/18/21 Hudson Alpha day 6/15/21

PowerSchool Umbrella Course # 265384 section #402583 Registration Link

Jacksonville State University + Alabama A&M University ASIM Biology Training

We Are Hiring: ASIM High School Biology Specialist

We’re hiring! Apply for our ASIM Biology Specialist position!

Apply here cutt.ly/asimbiologyspecialist

Mr. Glen Fox, ASIM Biology Specialist

Email: gfoxasimbiology@gmail.com or glen.fox@aamu.edu

Work Cell: (256)924-8203

Follow me on Twitter: @ASIM_BIO_AAMU

Use the hashtags: #AAMUUAHBiologyWorks and #AAMUUAHRICWorks

Technology in Motion (TiM)

Must Have Google Form Quiz Add-Ons

May 12, 2021

11:30am session link


3:30pm session link


Check out our Summer 2021 TiM Sessions!

Visit the AAMU/UAH RIC 2021 Summer Professional Learning Catalog and scroll down to Best Practices in Technology Instruction - presented by ATiM (AL Technology in Motion) to register for our self-paced asynchronous sessions & our synchronous sessions.

2021 Alabama Education Technology Conference (AETC)

Mark your calendar for the 2021 Alabama Education Technology Conference (AETC) from June 16-18 at the Arthur Outlaw Convention Center in Mobile, AL. Learn more & register at http://alabamaetc.com #AAMUUAHRICWorks #AAMUUAHTiMWorks
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Mrs. Aundria Campbell, TiM Instructional Technology Specialist

Email: techyteacher3@gmail.com or aundria.campbell@aamu.edu

Work Cell: 256-929-9009 *call or text

Office: (256) 372-4426

Twitter: @mrscamptech

Hashtag to Follow: #AAMUUAHTiMWorks and #AAMUUAHRICWorks


Mark Your Calendar! #ALRegion3 Happenings

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aamuinservice

Use Hashtag: #AAMUUAHRICWorks

AAMU/UAH RIC's SU21 Professional Learning Catalog

Have you checked out our 2021 Summer Professional Learning Catalog, yet? New sessions added weekly!

SU21 Professional Learning Catalog via S'more

SU 21 Professional Learning Catalog via G-Sheets

June SU21 Professional Learning Session Highlights

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Culturally Responsive & Antiracist Teaching-- hosted by University of Montevallo's RIC (open for all RICs)

This session will provide participants the opportunity to develop foundational knowledge on Culturally Responsive Classrooms and examine how Culturally Responsive Teaching can be facilitated to foster more inclusive learning environments for all students. Throughout the engaging and collaborative session, academic frameworks and pedagogical approaches will be explored and participants will be provided practical resources to use in their educational contexts.

Target Audience: K-12 Educators & Administrators

Dates: 06/28/2021

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Location: Zoom-- link will be provided to registered participants

Facilitator: Dr. Gergory Samuels, University of Montevallo Professor

Registration Link

MEGA Conference 2021

"The MEGA Conference is a week-long conference that provides attendees with opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, participate in in-depth training sessions, and learn from leading experts in fields across the education spectrum. MEGA is hosted by the Alabama State Department of Education". ~ALSDE

Learn more & register here !

Mark Your Calendar! June 21st-22nd for Sibme's FREE "Better Together" Conference!

Keynote Speakers....

  • Jenni Donohoo --- "Collective Efficacy" Guru

  • Paul Bambrick-Sontoyo -- author of Leveraging Leadership, Get Better Faster, Diven by Data and more!

  • Danya Sanders --- Deputy Chief of Academics at Kipp Texas

Sign up here to receive registration info. Official registration links coming soon!


Want to check out Better Together 2020??? Well we've got you covered! Check out keynote speakers like...

  • Justin Bader
  • Steve Barker
  • Elena Aguilar
  • Doug Fisher

#ALRegion3NBCT (National Board Certified Teacher) Support

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center is proud to partner with and advocate for educators currently pursuing NBCT status or interested in pursuing NBCT status. For more information about NBCT mentoring support and opportunities offered through the AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center, please complete the Region 3 NBCT interest form and someone from our team will be reaching out to you soon!


Check out our center's NBCT Resources! #NBCT4ALL

The AAMU/UAH Regional Inservice Center offers mentoring support for #ALRegion3 educators. Our mentors “walk alongside” candidates to support them “ through the certification process, often starting before the teacher actually applies for certification. Candidate support providers ask questions that help a candidate show evidence more clearly, are sensitive to a candidate’s emotional needs, help candidates create organizational systems to manage the process, locate resources to help with technology demands, and provide models of feedback that broaden and deepen the candidate’s own analytical abilities”.


Let the AAMU/UAH Inservice Center mentor you through the National Board process. You should not have to attempt it alone!

National Board Summer 2021 Book Study Opportunities

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Save The Date! SU2021 NBCT Boot Camp coming in July!

Save the Date! Summer NBCT Boot Camp - July 20-21. It will likely be virtual, but stay tuned, just in case something changes. Sessions will be offered to candidates, scholarship winners, MOCs, candidate support providers, and those seeking to advocate for NBC.

Registration Information here

Alabama Reading Initiative #ALRegion3

ARI Literacy Leadership Newsletter

Check out some of our June Literacy Professional Learning Opportunities facilitated by the #ALRegion3 Alabama Reading Initiative Staff

Registration links can be found here via our SU21 Professional Learning S'more or here via our G-sheet. All sessions can be found under the section entitled, "High-Quality Literacy Instruction".
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Four-Part Book Study: Conquering Dyslexia: A Guide to Early Detection and Intervention

Facilitated by: Brooke Curlee, Wendy Clay, Gina Jones, & Lora Snell

Target Audience: K-12 Teachers, Reading Specialists, Administrators

Dates: 6/9/2021, 6/16/2021, 6/23/2021, 6/30/2021

Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Location: Zoom - link to be provided to registered participants

Registration Link

EL Support & Resources

NEW! English-Learner ACLD PLU Opportunity beginning June 2021

Register here in Powerschool
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Check out some of our June English-Learner Professional Learning Opportunities facilitated by #ALRegion3 EL Coach, Robin Stutts

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Check Out Some of Our Region's Summer 2021 STEM Sessions

GenCyber 2021 Camp for Teachers and Teachers-in-Training hosted by UAH's Center for Cybersecurity Research and Education (CCRE)

Camp Topic: Introduction to Cybersecurity
When: July 19-23, 2021, 8am-3:30pm (1 hour lunch break)
Where: Virtual

K-12 public school teachers and teachers-in-training are invited to register for a Mon-Fri virtual camp at UAH where they will learn basic cybersecurity skills. GenCyber will create cyber-savvy educators through hands-on lab exercises, demos, and group-based lesson development sessions. Only a basic understanding of computers is required.

To encourage participants to take cybersecurity back to their schools, this camp requests collective participation--we suggest two teachers from each school attend. If you know others who would like to attend the session with you, forward this application so they can also apply.

Each camp participant receives a stipend ($408.73 regular attendee/$510.91 mentor) with full attendance. Camp is limited to 48 attendees and 6 teacher mentors.

Apply here! Note: This is an acceptance-based summer camp for teachers.

Send any questions to k12cyber@uah.edu

AMSTI UAH Summer 2021 Training Opportunities

AMSTI UAH is excited to offer the following professional learning opportunities for math and science teachers this summer!

AMSTI-UAH Math Training Summer 21

AMSTI-UAH Science Training Summer 21

No Cost Residency-Based Summer 2021 PD w/ Hudson Alpha for Alabama Middle & High School Educators

*Alabama public high school teachers have subsidized tuition (including classroom materials and optional housing) and meal costs provided by the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Legislature.

Save the date July 12th -16th (Essential Biology) & June 21st-25th (Advanced Concepts)--- Residency-based GTAC Academy: Professional Learning for High School Life Science Educators

***Registration opens March 15, 2021. First come, first serve basis

Save the date June 14th-18th--- Residency-based LifeScience Links Academy: a professional learning experience that provides seventh-grade life science teachers updated content knowledge, engaging strategies, and authentic lab experiences.

***Registration opens March 15, 2021. First come, first serve basis

Ongoing Professional Resources & Learning Experiences

Check out Beacon virtual professional learning opportunities-- "These virtual opportunities provide teachers with a variety of genetics and biotechnology content, along with technology integration and best practices for virtual delivery. Experiences include unique webinars along with multi-day online sessions that combine synchronous and asynchronous learning."

NEW! Hudson's Alpha Resource Hub --- check out these high-quality, vetted resources, courtesy of Hudson Alpha Education

Volunteers Needed for Graduate School Research Study

Grad School Research Study: Elementary and Secondary School Personnel Perceptions of the School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Focus on African American Students

You are invited to participate in a research study. This research study is designed to determine the perceptions of elementary and secondary school personnel toward the School-to-Prison Pipeline, and to examine their ideas for reversing the process. This study is designed to help us to better understand the perceptions of the School-to-Prison Pipeline process in Madison County, Alabama.

Your help is greatly appreciated! Participation in this study is completely voluntary.

Complete the survey here

Preservice Teacher Support & Growth

On April 22 & 23, preservice students from AAMU COE & UAH COE participated in a session entitled, “AL Literacy Act for Preservice Teachers” facilitated by ARI Regional Literacy Leadership Specialists, Judy Warmath & Lora Snell. A big thanks to Dr. Davenport & Dr.Jordan-Hamilton(AAMU) and Mrs. Pettey (UAH) for making this happen! #RegionalDreamTeam

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"Caught Being Awesome"! #ALRegion3 May '21 Highlights

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the "Ah-Mazing" Teachers in #ALRegion3! #WeLoveTeachers

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Congratulations, Ms. Melissa Mann, Special Education Teacher in Madison County Schools! Ms. Mann is the recipient of 5 hours FREE Virtual Assistance services! #Congrats #TeachersRock

We'll be in contact Ms. Mann! ;-)

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AAMU/UAH Governing Board Members

Mr. Jason Hass, Principal, Scottsboro City Schools-- Governing Board President

Ms. Betty McIntire, Teacher, Jackson Co. Schools--- Governing Board Secretary

Dr. Kisha Tolbert Simmons, Director, AAMU/UAH RIC-- Governing Board Executive Secretary

Mr. Travis Cummings, School Board Member, Madison City Schools

Ms. Catina Hamilton, Instructional Coach, Boaz City Schools

Dr. Johanna Massey, Professor, AAMU

Ms. Tameka McGill, Teacher, Huntsville City Schools

Ms. Jennifer Taylor, District Administrator, Madison Co. Schools

Ms. Kimberley Tucker, Secondary ELA Instructional Coach, Arab City Schools

Ms. Porshe Chapman, Teacher, Huntsville City Schools

Ms. Shundra Morris, AMSTI-UAH STEM Specialist

Ms. Rachel Gibbs, Teacher, Madison City Schools

Ms. Jodi Jacobs, District Administrator, DeKalb County Schools

Dr. Elisabeth Davis, Assistant State Superintendent of Student Learning, ALSDE

Mr. Sean Stevens, Instructional Services Program Coordinator, ALSDE

Meet the #ALRegion3 Dream Team!

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