LHR 8th Grade At-Home Learning

Week 8 - May 11-15, 2020

Principal Message

Welcome to Week 8 of At-Home Learning at L.H. Rather. I hope you've taken time to enjoy the sunny skies and warm weather as we settle into Springtime. Your teachers have prepared some beneficial learning opportunities for you this week. Make sure you complete all assignments, submit them (in Google Classroom or by returning paper packets), and respond to teacher calls and emails each week so you are on track to complete the 4th quarter successfully.

Remember: If you struggle on a particular assignment, or are not happy with your "score" on an assignment, you need to join your teacher during "office hours" or call their Google Voice number so he/she can go over the assignment with you for "tutoring/corrections".

If I can be of any help to you and your family at this time, please let me know. Together we are better!

I miss you guys,

Mrs. Daniel

One Tribe ~ One Team ~ One Family ~ One Dream

8th Grade Math

This week students will complete a Post- Assessment in Google Classroom. The Post- Assessment allows me to see how much students grew over the past couple weeks of At- Home Learning.

The Post- Assessment will cover equations and inequalities only.

This week:

  1. Complete the Week 8: Post Assessment in Google Classroom. Please try your best.

In Google Classroom you will find your assignment. If you regularly have the questions read to you, please call me during my office hours and I will assist.

If you have any questions, please email me or call me.

lani.williams@bonhamisd.org 314-635-0746

Google Meets office hours: Tuesday 5-6pm and Thursday 2-3pm

Link: meet.google.com/qjs-ohpn-fqh)

8th Grade ELAR (English Language Art & Reading)

This week we are going to read the selection “Icarus and Daedalus” and complete the selection quiz over the reading. You will also be writing a letter to your favorite teacher on campus. Please make sure that you view my video for week 8 that explains each paragraph of your letter writing assignment and gives you examples to use if you get stuck. If you have any questions please reach out to me during office hours, by email, or with my Google Voice number.

  • Read “Icarus and Daedalus”” and complete the quiz over the selection. If you routinely have questions and answers read aloud to you, this is available in Google Classroom.

  • Complete your letter in a Google Doc and submit in Google Classroom.

Week 8 AHL 8th ELAR

8th Grade Social Studies

This will be the second week of our practice cumulative assessment. Remember take your time and do your best! You will be working with questions 23-44 of the assessment, so when you number your google doc make sure to number it so that it matches the number on the assessment. When you are done, attach your new doc in Google Classroom and hit submit! Keep up all the hard work you guys are doing great.

Assignment 1:

Create and number a document to match the practice cumulative assessment. Turn your document into google classroom.

8th Grade Science

During this 8th Week of At-Home Learning, we will explore life science, a concept you talked a lot about in 7th grade, but specifically INTERDEPENDENCE between living things (biotic factors, such as plants, animals, microscopic life, etc) and nonliving things (abiotic factors, such as water, sun, air, soil, homes, etc). You will explore how living things are dependent on nonliving things and any change in one, can directly affect the other. This is a concept I like to end the year with since many of you will be going into biology in 9th grade, which is the study of living things.

If you have any questions, need any help, or routinely have questions and answers read aloud to you, please join my Live Video ‘office hours’, call me at 903-225-9772, or email me at erin.durante@bonhamisd.org.
Durante Week 8 Science


Students should be completing their 2nd Semester Health assignments in Edgenuity to receive high school credit. Please contact Coach Hall at casey.hall@bonhamisd.org if you need to receive a paper copy of the Health assignments. Please note that BISD has Drive-In Wifi (see picture below) to complete assignments. While picking up paper packets on the designated day you can ask for the paper copy of the Health assignment to receive credit.

Edgenuity website- https://www.edgenuity.com/login/

Your username is your school email.

Your password is your lunch id #


Students enrolled in Honors Algebra 1, Spanish 1 and/or 2nd Semester Health will complete their assigned work in Edgenuity in order to receive high school credit for these courses. Please contact your teacher if you have any questions about your work in Edgenuity or need printed copies of assigned work.

Bonus Activity - PE (OPTIONAL)

Waddle Races

Materials: 2 Baskets 1 Sockball

Score laps by placing the sock ball between your knees and dropping it into the basket across from you without using your hands. If you drop the sock ball while waddling, pick it up and continue. How many Waddle laps can you score in ONE minute?

PE at Home: Waddle Races from OPEN physed

Bonus Activity - ART (OPTIONAL)


Choose one activity to accomplish from these fun art activities or for a bonus try more than one!

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture