What's New in Mrs. Allen's Room?

May 16-20, 2016

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Dear Parents,

This is my LAST newsletter of the year! I can't believe how quickly the year has gone! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your children with me and for entrusting their fragile minds to my guidance. I pray that I have served them, and you, well. I can't begin to express how deeply each child has touched my life. I'm so proud of all the hard work and effort they put forth this year!

During the summer, PLEASE make sure that your children get plenty of fresh air and exercise for their bodies and brains!! Please have them read AT LEAST 20 minutes each day and try to limit screen time.

If you have any beach towels handy, send one to school with your child next week. We will be taking advantage of the gorgeous weather forecast to enjoy some of our favorite authors outside! We may also have a few other fun things planned!

Thank you again, and have a wonderful summer! I hope to see you again!

Mrs. Allen

This Week in 3rd Grade:

READING: If your child still has a reading book at home, PLEASE SEND IT BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Noteworthy News...

  • Bring a beach towel to school on Monday and Tuesday so we can work outside!
  • Mr. Johnston's concert will be Monday afternoon.
  • We will watch National Treasure on Tuesday afternoon...if permission slips have been returned!

4th Quarter AR Stars

  1. Cade Diallo
  2. Aubree Gibbs
  3. Colin Arney
  4. Myles Sprong
  5. Nate Law

Special Class Schedule for May 23 & 24

Mon. - Gym

Tues. - Computer Lab

Wed. - Summer Break Begins!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following students with May birthdays!

Josiah Lancaster--May 4

Olivia Harris--May 14

Tanner Gibbs--May 18

TJ Patterson--May 20

Myles Sprong--May 23

Colin Arney--May 30

Star Student

Our star student this week is RICKY RACER!

These are some of Ricky's favorite things:

FOOD: Track Pack & a Bottle of Milk

SPORT: Hmm...Race Car Driving

BOOK: Strange But True Auto Racing Stories

TV SHOW: Knight Rider

SONG: Get Your Motor Running

VACATION: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

COLOR: Black & White Checks


Your child's grades can be accessed 24/7 at: powerschool.plainfield.k12.in.us

If you have not set up your account, please contact the school office @ 317.839.0120 for more information.