7th Grade Quest Update

Week of January 11

Happy New Year!

We started the New Year exploring the philosophical question: Who Am I?

After watching a short clip from Rise of the Guardians, students imagined that they were a Russian nesting doll of character traits, and they pondered what their center would be. The morning class should have received feedback from me already; thanks for being patient, afternoon folk!

Then we began to look into symbolism, focusing on New Year's traditions from around the world. Ask students about the shattered dishes in Denmark and other symbolic festivities that caught their fancy. We then created our own traditions and imagined what each action or object could symbolize.

Rise of the Guardians The Center

Invitation: Parent Meeting from 7-8 on Wednesday, January 27th

I've taught middle school gifted students for many years, and survived being myself, too. I've been lucky to have many of your cherubs speak with me and share their ups and downs. I've also read a lot about the challenges they have shared with me.

Seventh grade winter seems to be a turning point for many tweens, and gifted issues of social choices, perfectionism, and intensity often are real struggles for the kids.

I'm inviting parents who are interested in talking about these topics and learning about some patterns and coping techniques to come in the evening on Wednesday, January 27th.

Because the students might be awkward, I am not inviting them. Sorry, folks! However, if you want to come and read peacefully in the cozy hallway outside of room 418, you are most welcome.

Please RSVP to let me know if I should expect you or not; there is no pressure. I know this is a crazy time of year.

Interested in Community Service on MLK Jr Day?

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