Lineville Technology

Hannah Thetford

Typing Web

Typing web is a fun website that you go on and type on almost every technology class. I really enjoy going on typing web because it makes everyone a lot better at typing. During the semester that you are in technology you have to complete the intermediate course on typing web.


ITrailor is a fun app that you use, you make a trailor on any thing you really want, your family, friends, or a story. When you make your tailor you have a lot of fun, you can mess around to make the trailor but you can also be serious. The app is a very simple app to use, it allows you to put affects and music in your trailor.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a unit where Mr.Noe comes into the technology class and teaches you about your future. I had a really enjoyable learning about colleges and jobs. When Mr.Noe came in I learned so much and it helped me think about my future a lot more.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app you use to create presentations. When you use Haiku Deck you make a presentation about your dream job. After you complete your presentation you share it with the whole class. I had a fun time making my presentation, the app was easy to use and had a lot of different designs.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is another app you use, you use it to create a video of you explaining and drawing a math problem you have to figure out. This app has a lot of different colors to write with, pictures, and shapes you could use. I loved using Explain Everything.

Hour of Code

In the unit Hour of Code you used your computer and went to the website Hour of Code. Hour of Code is a website that allows you to make cards, games, or puzzles that you program to work. When I was doing Hour of Code I had a fun time making really cool Christmas cards.

Email Etiquette

When we were working on email etiquette we were taught how to write a proper email. In this unit I learned so much and what I have learned has been really useful. Now when I have to write an email I know exactly what to do.