Joan of Arc

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Who is Joan of Arc?

  • Joan of Arc, a peasant who lived in medieval France, who believed that god had chosen her to lead France to victory with its war with England in the hundred years war.
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Joan's real name

  • Her real name was Jehanne d' Arc that was never used while she was alive. She preferred to be called Joan the maid. At a trail Joan testified "in my own town they call me Jeannette, and since i have came to France i have never been called Joan."

Hearing Voices

  • in modern times, some doctors and scholars have "diagnosed" Joan of Arc with disorders from epilepsy and schizophrenia. Based on these facts, some experts say Joan suffered from a condition that trigger hallucinations or delusions, including migraines, bipolar disorder and that's only a few.

Battle of Orleans

  • Disguised as a man, Joan traveled to the Royal Court and managed to meet with king Charles. He was impressed by her story and agreed to send her to New Orleans and Joan dressed as a knight.

  • Joan marched to New Orleans in April of 1429 with 5,000 soldiers.
  • At first Joan told the soldiers to surrender but the soldiers were furious so they took over all English forts and led her army to victory.
  • in June 1429 she led her army to victory over Remis, where Charles was crowned king he asked her to stay to help free France and she agreed because she was no longer seeing or hearing things.

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Joan Captured

  • Joan of arc was captured during may 23, 1430 during a fight at compiegne.
  • Joan was tried for heresy in 1431. There were many problems in her trail. although it was a capital offence she was found guilty of repeated heresy and she was executed by burning she was only 19.

After Death

  • Joan was made the saint of the Roman Catholic church in 1920
  • She has become a great symbol during world war 2 because she emphasized how she fought and occupying force.