Paraeducator Certification Courses

Courses available through Great Prairie AEA

Why become a certified paraeducator?

Paraeducators are integral partners in the education setting so they need top-notch skills to provide the best academic and emotional support to students.

Paraeducator Course I

After completing Paraeducator Course I paraeducators will be able to:

  • Recognize and support the developmental stages of students.

  • Use accommodations to support unique learning needs.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the common core.

  • Work collaboratively and respectfully with teachers.

  • Ethically serve students and maintain confidentiality.

  • Collaboratively support IEP Goals.

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These courses will be held at GPAEA in Ottumwa with the option to attend virtually via Zoom.

Paraeducator Course II

After completing Paraeducator Course II paraeducators will be able to:

  • Follow the prescribed health, safety, and emergency school and classroom policy and procedures

  • Organize materials to support teaching and learning.

  • Promote a safe and positive learning environment.

  • Function in various instructional settings (e.g., large group, small group, tutoring).

  • Assist with learning activities and opportunities to accomplish instructional objectives.

  • Support high expectations that are shared, clearly defined and appropriate.

  • Abide by the Iowa code of ethics and professional practice rules of the board of educational examiners and rules of the Iowa department of education.

  • Demonstrate the ability to separate personal issues from one’s responsibilities in the workplace.

  • Share information regarding students’ performance, behavior, or program with students’ parents or guardians only as directed by the supervising teacher or educator.

  • Demonstrate ethical behavior when supporting students with graded activities, quizzes, and tests.

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These courses will be held at GPAEA in Ottumwa with the option to attend virtually via Zoom.

Paraeducator Course III

After completing Paraeducator Course III paraeducators will be able to:

  • Effectively use verbal and nonverbal forms of communication with students.

  • Assist with the implementation and use of instructional and assistive technology.

  • Assist in modeling and teaching specific appropriate behaviors, social skills, and procedures that facilitate safety and learning in various environments.

  • Assist in the implementation of individualized behavior management plans.

  • Assist in modifying the learning environment to manage behavior and social skills.

  • Recognize that there is a cause or reason for misbehavior and assist in determining the cause or reason.

  • Recognize, address, and report bullying.

  • Recognize and report atypical emotional behavior.

  • Foster a professional and caring relationship with stakeholders ( students, families, colleagues, administrators)

  • Participate in ongoing professional development.

  • Accept and apply constructive feedback.

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These courses will be held at GPAEA in Ottumwa with the option of attending virtually via Zoom.


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