Monthly Happenings: February 2020

Updates from IDOE's English Learner Team


February EL Leadership Meeting Recap

As always, your attendance and engagement during the EL Leadership meetings is much appreciated! The slides from the February 12 meeting can be found here. Don't miss the next EL Leadership meeting, which will be in person on April 8 at Brownsburg Community School Corp. from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET. This meeting will be followed by an optional IILP training - see more info below!

Wrapping Up WIDA ACCESS: Important Notes and Reminders

The testing window for ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs ends on Friday, February 28. Please ensure that all students needing to test have done so, and that materials are shipped out by the end of day on the 28th. See the following important information and reminders on wrapping up the test window...

Additional Materials Order Deadline: The Additional Materials Ordering window closes on February 24. Take stock of your materials and who has yet to complete testing and plan accordingly! For students enrolling after this date - if coming from another Indiana school or WIDA state - it is likely they have already been assessed. Be sure to communicate with past schools prior to administering ACCESS.

Materials Returns: Materials must be postmarked for return to DRC no later than February 28 in order to be processed for scoring. Late materials not processed will result in students not receiving scores. Remember, if you do not have daily UPS pickup, you must call UPS to schedule the day before you need the pickup.

You do not need to wait until that date to return materials! In particular, WIDA and DRC are requesting the return of completed Grades 1-3 Writing Test Booklets as early as possible, as the data from these tests will be used to streamline scoring and reporting.

Labels, Bubbles, and More: All information on managing materials, what to bubble, how to apply labels, and more can be found in Indiana's State Specific Directions. It is important for this guidance to be reviewed and for test materials to be checked multiple times over to assure proper materials management.

EL Teacher of Record, DLI, High Ability Coursework Funding Released

IDOE is pleased to offer additional funding opportunities for teachers seeking to meet the coursework requirement of the EL Teacher of Record Rubric, or complete coursework in ENL, DLI, or High Ability areas. See the memo attached below, which details how requests will be prioritized and what's needed in order to request to participate.

After reviewing submissions, IDOE will notify the LEAs of the awarded amount that will be sub-granted to the universities that the LEA has selected. The funding provided is designed to cover the entire cost of the course, including any textbooks or fees. Individuals will then enroll for their coursework. Requests must be submitted by March 9.

Intelligrants Updates and Videos

IDOE has begun releasing short videos regarding the roll-out of INtelligrants, the new grants management system housing all funding streams through IDOE. Many administrators got early experience with Intelligrants through this year's NESP grant, and the platform is expanding to encompass other funding streams. The next grants to be managed in the system are Titles I, II, III, IV, RLIS, and immigrant influx.

The first video focused on the Pre-Application, which will house districts' EL Plans for next school year, can be found here along with an accompanying resource. Stay tuned for more information and resources surrounding Intelligrants and English learner funding, all of which will also be posted to the INtelligrants landing page.


Indiana English Learner PD and eLearning Opportunities

Our Indiana English Learner PD Calendar features current professional learning opportunities for the school year. We will continue to update the Calendar as new opportunities arise and highlight those that are just around the corner here in Monthly Happenings. Be sure to bookmark and check back often!

EL professional development is available at any date or time in the form of WIDA Self-Paced eWorkshops. All Indiana educators with a WIDA portal login have the opportunity to participate in six self-paced, on-demand eWorkshops free of charge. The topics of the six workshops, which vary in length, are:

  • Using the WIDA Writing Rubric
  • Leading for Equity: Classroom Walk-through
  • Classroom Educators: Engaging Multilingual Learners
  • Language for Learning in Mathematics
  • Doing and Talking STEM
  • Foundational Concepts for K-12 Educators

You can find more details on each of these sessions, including a video overview, in WIDA's Self-Paced eWorkshops page. To access the eWorkshops, after logging into the secure portal, click the button labeled Free eWorkshops. If you have any questions, contact the WIDA Client Services Center at (866) 276-7735 or for assistance.

Title Con: One Month Away!

Be sure to check out the Title Con main page for everything you need to know as we lead up to the conference from April 14-16. English learners will be a focal point throughout the conference, including EL-specific sessions. Don't forget to register if you haven't already, as capacity has nearly been reached.

IILP Corner: Upcoming In-person Trainings

The next round of in-person IILP trainings have been set! These sessions will be ideal for schools looking to get a better feel for the system and for those planning on making the transition to IILP for the next school year...

  • April 8 - 2:00-3:30 p.m. - Brownsburg Community School Corp.: This training will take place following the EL Leadership meeting, and will begin after a lunch break. Register here.
  • May 6 - 9:30-11:00 a.m. and 12:30-2:00 p.m. - Goshen Community Schools: Two training offerings will be held this day, and you will only need to choose one. Register here.

The trainings are intended for EL administrators and instructional leaders who can take back the content their schools. The sessions will feature a step-by-step walk through of IILP, as well as time to explore the system and ask questions.

WIDA Educator Collaboration Workshop - Few Spots Remain!

On March 4 and 5, WIDA will be presenting a two-day workshop on Educator Collaboration for Multilingual Learners. It will take place at Brownsburg Community Schools from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. This PD opportunity is free to Indiana educators, however spots are limited to two per district. It is highly recommended that participants attend in collaborative pairs (i.e. EL teacher and classroom teacher). Only a handful of spots remain, so act fast if you are interested in attending! A registration link and other details, such as session description and specific address can be found in our Upcoming EL PD Calendar.


Lawrence and Hammond DLI Programs Recognized

Two of Indiana's Dual Language Immersion programs have recently been publicly recognized. In the article Becoming bilingual: Lawrence Township stresses language immersions in schools, Current, a central Indiana news source, details MSD Lawrence Township's commitment to bilingual education.

In the Chicago Post-Tribune article Dual language program in Hammond to help make students bilingual, biliterate, bicultural, the 80-20 program at Washington Irving Elementary in Hammond is featured, as well as the reasoning and successes of DLI in the district. Congratulations to both on the recognition of their impactful programs!

Shifts Toward Success for ELs

In part I of Language Magazine's two-part article "Breaking Down the Wall", WIDA co-founder and developer Margot Gottilieb highlights the need for a sense of unification and urgency in improving the educational experience for English learners. She identifies nine shifts that need to continue to occur in order collectively impact practices for ELs. These include ideas such as eliminating language learning out of context and replacing with meaningful integration of language and content; recognizing multilingualism as a valued way of being; ensuring practices extend beyond compliance toward excellence; and more. Read to gain insight into big picture thinking on holistically, equitably supporting EL students.

21st Annual Indiana Latinx Leadership Conference

Click the banner below for more information on a wonderful opportunity for your Latinx students. Registration ends February 21.

IDOE English Learner Team

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