The Gill Gazette

By Haley Gill 4/29/16

How many people go hungry?

Did you know that 300 million kids struggle with hunger every day? In 2011 45% of all kids worldwide died from hunger. In 2013 161 million kids under five years old are stunted. Also in 2013 half of all the stunted kids lived in Asia and one-third of them lived in Africa.

Providing Food For The Hungry

Some people think that there is no soultion for stoping world hunger, but there is. If women got equal farming resources as men, then female farmers could help lift 1.5 million people out of hunger. There is also 17% more food then there was 30 years ago, so if we divide the food up equaly there would be enough food for everyone.

Food Service is Unfair

Did you know that 100 million kids in devolping countries are underweight becasue they aren't getting food? Most of the hungry people live in Southern Asia. The sad part is that 3.1 million children die every year from not getting food. Thats about 1 in every 9 people going hungry.



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