Kennedy's Pride Page

LOVED 5th grade!


Hey my name is Kennedy. This page is about my year in Mr. Alloway's 5th grade class.

About ME!!!

I am 11 years old and I LOVE to dance and do gymnastics. I have brown hair that is usually in a braid or ponytail. Sometimes both (don't ask). My favorite subject is probably math (if lunch doesn't count). I LOVE FUDGE! Kind of random but it's the truth.


During the PSSAS the potato olympics were going on. My potato was named Lollipop. She lived in the country Bubblepop and the town Fudgetown with her BFF Bubblegum. Her best event was the potato dash. In the 1st event she got 1st place and made it to finals. In the finals she got 4th place. BUMMER!!

I'm Proud Of.....


I am very proud of my tessellation. I turned my shapes into fish. I also had a lot of fun making it. Although I did have a lot of trouble figuring out what it could be in the beginning. Thanks Mr. Alloway!


I am also proud of the animal i made up and wrote about in Social Studies. My animal is called a pird it is a mix between a pig and bird. It has a pig body and pig nose. It also has very skinny legs. It has huge bird wings and bird beak. ( Well I guess the beak is pretty little). It has a pig tail and big, CUTE, brown eyes. He also has pig ears. SO CUTE!!!

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