Tough Times In Jamestown

The Starving time

The starving time was from 1609 to 1610.The Virginia Company sent a fleet of nine ships but half of the fleet was destroyed by a hurricane.Some ships came with 300 colonists and very few supplies.They still were in a lot of trouble.


The Starving Time Ends

Soon they found out it was a not healthy location the water was bad to drink and mosquitoes attacked by nearby swamps.Many people died by diseases carried by insects. The Powhatan tribe had many attacks on the colony.Finally in spring 1610 more colonists and supplies.They once had 400 colonists but only 61 survived

Money Problems

Colonists were not finding gold the goods they produced did not sell well in Europe.The investors of the Virginia Company were getting very impatient with the colony.But John Rolfe showed something new to the colony, the colonists were relieved.

Jamestown goes on

John Rolfe showed a tobacco plant the Powhatan empire already had a tobacco plant but the one John Rolfe had was different.People in England would buy a tobacco plant fo a high price. The Virginia Company finally could make money from Jamestown.Jamestown town went on.