Redeemer Letter

Keeping the Heart of Sundays while Looking Ahead

Dear Redeemer Family,

One of the things I love most about being called to walk life with you as pastor of Redeemer Church is to see Jesus moving and growing in us as a family. Erin and I feel so privileged and honored to be called by God to come and be a part of this journey with you in knowing Jesus and making Him known to our city.

In that journey with Jesus He is constantly and graciously showing me ways I need to grow and become better at loving people. This week I have been convicted through time with God and getting a chance to talk with a couple of you that I have made some mistakes recently in what and how I communicated some things. I need to apologize for making some unwise leadership choices and for communicating things in a less than compassionate way. As your pastor my heart is to make sure we create a place where people meet and walk with Jesus and feel the power of His Spirit moving in us. However, there are times when I can drift from that vision and recently I believe some decisions and communication drifted from that heart. For that I apologize.

What I am genuinely excited for and feel is best for our family is to make sure we have a place where we can all come, wherever we are in our faith journey, for a time of community, studying God’s Word and worshipping together. It needs to be a place where we can come to have our spirits filled up and a place where we can feel free to invite anyone to come and join our family. Sundays from 4 to 6 are that sacred space and need to remain that sacred space. So we will continue to have Sunday afternoons as a place where we can all come and be the Redeemer family we’ve come to love without turning it into any other purpose. What that means is that regardless of where God leads us individually in investing deeper as a Core Team member at Redeemer, there still is a place to come and be a part of what God is doing with us. My heart is very excited to continue this time together.

God has big plans for us at Redeemer to grow and reach our families, neighbors, city and beyond with the hope and new life in Jesus. For those that want to invest more in what God is doing at Redeemer there will be an opportunity to serve as part of the Core Team. This team will meet together to pray, talk about ministry issues, make decisions together and take on more responsibilities so that we at Redeemer can reach more people with the gospel and make disciples of Jesus. I want to invite you to pray about joining us in this way and consider becoming a part of the Core Team.

Starting August 4th those who desire to join us as part of the Core Team will begin meeting at 230pm at our house before our Sunday gatherings from 4-6. During this time we will discuss plans and upcoming ministry items as well as coordinate how to best accomplish these things. At 330 we will stop to spend the last 30 minutes praying together. We’d love to invite anyone to come and join us for the prayer time before the Sunday gathering even if you are not ready to be a part of the Core Team.

This Sunday I will take some time at the beginning of our Invitation Packing Party to touch on some of these things and then on August 4th at our gathering time we can have a family discussion to talk about excitement, fears, frustrations, and hopes. As a family we need to be able to speak lovingly and compassionately to each other while being honest about how we are feeling. August 4th will be a great time for us to grow together in unity in the Lord by talking about how we are feeling and where God is leading us.

God is good to us and has been through the time on Sunday we’ve been meeting and so we need to keep that a time we can grow together and invite others to join us. And as the Lord leads some of us to invest on a deeper level I believe we are going to see God move us to do even greater things and make even more disciples of Jesus!

I love you guys and am often at awe at what God has done in my life and in all our lives over the last year and a half. And I know He is just getting started. I can’t wait to see how He grows us as we continue to meet as a church family on Sundays, invite others to come and hear about Jesus, and to see where he takes us together in the future.

Your Pastor and brother in Jesus,