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Letter to the Editor (Seedfolks)

Dear Avary's Reviews,

I am debating whether I should read this book called Seedfolks. I have heard that it is a very great book and many people have recommended it to me because I love gardening.

The book sounds like a really great book from what I have heard, but I am not sure if if the book is for me. But the fact that it is about gardening really make me want to read it! I love to plant gardens and to have the responsibility to be able to have one. It just really gives me a fantastic feeling inside. It is also just a really fun thing to do! The book Seedfolks just really seems like the perfect book for me. I have heard that Seedfolks is about a bunch of people in a big city (aka Cleveland) who all somehow end up at this beautiful garden that they all came together to make!

I am very anxious and curious to know if this book would be a great book for me. This book really really seems perfect for me but I’m just not sure if I would absolutely love it. Ugh I just cannot decide! Please help me!!


Audrey Smith

Dear Audrey,

I got your letter and I totally understand your problem! I honestly think that this book would be an absolutely fantastic book for you! When I read it I fell completely in love with it and I immediately thought of you because it is all about people coming together to build a beautiful garden!

Since I loved this book so much i know you will love even more than I did because it is all about a garden that is bringing people together and helping people build stronger relationships with each other. I know how much you love to garden so Seedfolks is a great book and i totally recommend this book to you! It obviously has your name written all over it! No doubt about it!


Avary Hoogland

Moon Over Manifest (Book Reveiw)

Moon over Manifest is a great book written by Clare Vanderpool. It is a very mysterious story and has many secrets to be found. It is about a little girl named Abilene who is sent to Manifest, Kansas because her father has to work and he needs someone to watch Abilene for him so he can. In this town Abilene finds many new friends and mysteries to solve.

This is a super exciting book that you will not be able to put down! I think that this book would be great for people of all ages and super good for people who love to read mysteries! Take my advice and read this book!

Locomotion (News Letter)

A book titled Locomotion is impressing people everywhere! Everyone who reads it falls immediately in love with it. It has such a great message and it is a very very meaningful book! Everyone has read it and they are always recommending it to me, so I strongly advise anyone and everyone to read this book!

Locomotion is about a boy named Lonnie C. Motion loses his wonderful parents in a massive fire and he gets taken away from his only family member left, his sister. His sister’s foster parents wouldn’t adopt Lonnie because they thought that he was a trouble maker and they always wanted a girl not a boy. A lady named Mrs. Edna volunteered to keep Lonnie until someone wanted to adopt him. Lonnie’s sister always convinces Lonnie to his bible and to pray to God if he ever wants to be with her again. Of course Lonnie would do anything to get to be with his sister again, so he does whatever she tells him to do.

This book has a great message and it is very interesting to watch Lonnie strive and do all that he can to try to be with his sister again.