Mrs. Hoehner's Weekly Wrap - Up

All you need to know about our life in 3rd grade!

Teacher's Corner!

Wow, oh WOW!!! How is it that we are already one week into December? It is true that time flies, so we must make every minute of it in and out of the classroom count.

Speaking of the classroom -

We are working hard to learn that just because we see a sentence and can read the sentence it doesn't mean that we CAN automatically understand what the sentence means. This is especially true when we read directions. Think about how many times we have opened a box to put together a new Christmas toy; we scan the directions, get to work and it ALL GOES WRONG QUICKLY!! It isn't that we lack the skill to put the toy together, its just that we didn't read closely to determine the order in which the pieces go together.

In order for the students to show the knowledge that they have grown they must take the time to read directions and test questions closely. We are learning that to understand directions, test questions, even math word problems we MUST SLOW down and THINK!


  1. READ directions/test questions
  2. ANNOTATE - Circle the verb (doing word) underline WHAT it wants us to do.
  3. THINK - What do these words mean? What do I use? What schema do I need to activate?
  4. WORK - Get started BUT remember if you begin to feel confused look back at the question annotations to keep yourself on track.

Reading, Writing and Word Work

We finished our unit on Nonfiction texts and have since moved on to a short unit on Stories, Drama's and Poems. At this time we are digging deeper into identifying and understanding figurative language. This week, we have learned about similes and metaphors. Next week, we will begin digging into reading, recognizing and understanding poetry.

In writing, we are finishing up our Information pieces. The students are becoming much more independent at moving through the writing process. I am very proud of the progress they are making!


Below I have attached a blog that includes wonderful information on why it is so important for your child to read at home. You will also find tips for how to help your child become a better reader!

Math Madness

We are finishing up our Addition and Subtraction unit this week! We have divided our test into two parts to make it a little less stressful four our students. We will be finished with them by Friday. We will star our multiplication and division unit next week.


Wright Week of Caring: Dec. 7 - 11

Math MAP: Dec. 11

Reading MAP: Dec. 17

Winter Party: Dec. 18

Winter Break - Dec. 21 - Jan.1